Scholars to create single alphabet of Turkic states

A special group of scholars has been set up to develop a single alphabet of Turkic-speaking countries, secretary general of the Turkic countries` parliamentary assembly, TurkPA, told media.

Ramil Hasanov said the issue of creating a single alphabet, which has found general support, was raised at the recent meetings of the TurkPA committee on humanitarian and social affairs, and a decision was made to create a group of scholars for the purpose.

Hasanov said that after the scholars successfully complete the work, TurkPA may adopt a single alphabet.

TurkPA, established in 2009 in the Azerbaijani capital Baku, includes Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Its main purpose is mutual support of Turkic-speaking countries in international organizations, as well as exchange of experience in the legislative process. The assembly was also established to preserve the language, culture and history in the Turkic countries and strengthen political, economic and cultural ties between its member countries.