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USAID fosters Armenia as militant state amidst its economic stagnation

5 May 2023 15:00 (UTC+04:00)
USAID fosters Armenia as militant state amidst its economic stagnation
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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The U.S. Embassy to Armenia reported that in March, USAID Armenia signed a $15 million agreement to implement the “Media Program in Armenia” project with Internews Network, a U.S. organization, in collaboration with local media development NGOs, the Media Initiatives Center and the Yerevan Press Club, and an international group, the Zinc Network, Azernews reports citing international media.

According to the news release, the project will as though strengthen the information space in Armenia by enhancing journalistic standards and content quality, catalyzing the competitiveness and financial viability of public interest media, and fostering the enabling environment for independent information flow.

It should be noted that after the 44-day war, Armenia started a serious financing process in the military field as well as in a number of fields. Even according to the information provided by Armenian sources, the military budget of Armenia reached 45 percent compared to the military budget of Azerbaijan. It should be added that the annual GDP of Armenia is one third of the GDP of Azerbaijan. In this case, the fact that Armenia has such a serious investment in the military field also raises serious questions.

As regards the financing the media sphere, the U.S. Embassy’s Public Diplomacy Section announced it will make a $ 2.3 million investment into a U.S. exchange programs for journalists, as well as graduate-level journalism education in Armenia.

According to the release, the first project will be the “U.S.-Armenia Professional Partnership in Journalism,” a U.S. exchange program for professional journalists. The second project will take the form of a U.S.-Armenia university partnership to establish a Center for Excellence in Journalism at an Armenia university.

Thus, all the steps taken show that instead of reviving the prosperity of its economy, Armenia is seriously arming the military, education, and media sectors. So, a fact appeared in the middle, which reveals that Armenia is a militant state in the South Caucasus.

- USAID mission in the South Caucasus and in Azerbaijan

USAID was created as a branch of the US Central Intelligence Agency and is currently engaged in actively interfering in the internal affairs of individual countries under the guise of aid. It is no coincidence that this organization allocated 9.5 billion dollars for the construction of civil society in various countries in 2023-2025. According to some information obtained, there is no doubt that these funds will be directed to the implementation of coup plans in various countries within the framework of the ‘Doctrine of Democracy’ announced recently.


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