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Azerbaijan to pay Iran back in the same coin

31 January 2023 16:11 (UTC+04:00)
Azerbaijan to pay Iran back in the same coin

By Yusif Abbaszada

Iran has always been a complicated and unpredictable country, collecting and embodying cruelty and conflicts in its identity. Being under sanctions for almost 40 years, the runaway country, being under blockade, changed the consciousness and thinking of the public, thereby instilling hatred for freedom and democracy in certain segments of Iranian society. The conditions under which generations grow reflect not only identity but also political nature and the future of this country.

Under the guise of fighting terrorism, Iran has nurtured its own terrorist sects for its own political needs. Being too carried away by this and other redundant and useless matters, Iran has completely forgotten about the consequences, which may soon be irreversible and lead to serious geopolitical conflicts.

On January 27, at about 0830 am, an armed attack was carried out on the embassy of Azerbaijan in Tehran. The attacker broke into the security post of the diplomatic mission and killed the head of the security service with a Kalashnikov assault rifle. Two embassy security guards were injured while repulsing the attack. The deceased is a member of the security service of the diplomatic mission. The attacker is currently under arrest if one can believe the Iranian sources. The state of health of the wounded security staff members is satisfactory. This insidious attack is currently under investigation.

The causes and etymology of this crime are not yet known, but the available political picture points to a terrorist motive behind this atrocity. During the Azerbaijani-Armenian conflict, Iran has always tried to play the role of a country that is undoubtedly for common sense and a peaceful solution to the conflict, while providing assistance to Armenia, both humanitarian and military, playing a completely unprincipled double game.

A friend, as we called Iran, conducted military exercises in October 2022 on the Azerbaijani border for the first time after the latter's convincing victory over Armenia in the 44-day second Karabakh war in 2020, thereby calling the friendly relations into question. And even if this can be called friendship, duplicity and selfishness prevail in it.

Attempts to control processes unfolding in the region almost turned out badly for the Iranian regime. Such an attitude towards their people and a demonstration of cruelty showed the inner layers of Iran's claimed nature as an Islamic state.

Trying to be good for everyone, putting on a mask of flattery and duplicity, Iran dooms itself to the appearance of a country of a liar and lickers, pursuing only its own goals by any means.

A dual game and double standards are the strong points of the political concept of mullahcracy in Iran. Helping Azerbaijan's enemies, according to the Iranian authorities, is quite an acceptable phenomenon, while the opening of the Azerbaijani embassy in Israel is disrespectful to the Iran government. This is the Aldwych farce and sheer nonsense.

This whole situation is very similar to revenge for our dependence which apparently does not somehow please Iran. Our freedom is in the truth and reasonableness of our decisions, and we are not obliged to dance to someone's tune, fulfilling the whims and megrims of our neighbor.

The lack of awareness of the regime about what happened is another lie, in my opinion, which they are trying to feed us. Azerbaijan is no longer a country where one can dictate terms and indicate with whom to be friends and with whom to be at enmity. We are a country that clearly knows its own rights and is guided by universally-accepted standards and international laws.

The parasite under the guise of terrorism, which was so vehemently fed by the Iranian regime, ceased to be controlled becoming an integral part of the autocratic regime.

The complete demoralization and pretense of the Iranian leadership cannot leave anyone indifferent. So many versions of what happened have been put forward that one can come up with a dozen more scenarios behind this act of terror.

The future of relations between Azerbaijan and Iran is a matter of mutual respect for and observance of shared values by all actors. If Iran's mullahcracy chooses to go ahead with enmity vis-a-vis Azerbaijan, the latter will no doubt pay it back in their own coin - no more, no less.


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