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SME FEST: Boosting micro and small entrepreneurs nationwide

10 June 2024 11:40 (UTC+04:00)
SME FEST: Boosting micro and small entrepreneurs nationwide
Nazrin Abdul
Nazrin Abdul
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In 2024, the regions of the country will host "SME FEST", vibrant exhibitions and sales fairs aimed at bolstering micro and small entrepreneurs' products and services, Azernews reports.

Organised by the Small and Medium Business Development Agency (SME), the purpose of "SME FEST" is twofold: firstly, to amplify the visibility and sales of SME-produced goods and services to a broader consumer base, and secondly, to foster the growth of small entrepreneurs by incentivizing consumer patronage of SME offerings.

These trade fairs also serve to enhance sales prospects for entrepreneurs and artisans from vulnerable populations, facilitating direct interaction between producers and consumers while fostering business ties between SMEs and supplier companies. Micro and small entrepreneurs can participate in the fairs free of charge, as all associated expenses will be covered by state support.

Additionally, the fairs will feature a rich cultural and entertainment program, along with masterclasses conducted by creative individuals and artists.

To ensure broad awareness among SMEs and the public, announcements detailing the fair locations will be disseminated through media channels, the Agency's website and social media platforms.


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