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Next trouble for Pashinyan: separatists move to new headquarters in Erivan

17 October 2023 08:30 (UTC+04:00)
Next trouble for Pashinyan: separatists move to new headquarters in Erivan
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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A group of separatists who want to say that separatism is not dead has now made a new home in Erivan. It should be recalled that shortly before Azerbaijan started anti-terrorist measures, a group of clowns who declared themselves to be so-called ministers held their "official" meetings with their patrons in the West in the capital city of Armenia. For example, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, staunch pro-Armenian Catherine Colone, Baroness Cox, who is only engaged in PR for Armenians in the British Parliament, and other pro-Armenian groups have repeatedly met with separatist elements and given instructions on new provocations.

But their admonitions and all the plans they made lasted only up to a point, and at a certain point, the plans they made were botched as a result of strong retaliatory measures.

Now, separatism, which has been amputated from the territory of Azerbaijan, has started to appear elsewhere like a cancer. Who knows, maybe one day ‘new ideas’ will take them all the way to Toronto...

A group of separatist Armenians did not allow their ambassador to the Armenian Center in Toronto, Canada. It is an interesting incident, just a few weeks ago, similar incidents were committed against Azerbaijani diplomats abroad. Even a group of anarchist, revanchist Armenians did not hesitate to assault the diplomat and expressed their hatred by damaging the embassy building.

Armenian groups in Toronto have claimed that after the extinction of separatism, Azerbaijan's next plan is to ‘occupy’ Armenian lands under the guise of Zangazur. Of course, unfortunately, even though some Armenians have integrated into civilized society in the far West, they still approach others from their own perspective. Azerbaijan has never claimed the territory of another country, and although Zangazur is the historical land of Azerbaijan, whether east or west, there was no plan to occupy the territory of current Armenia.

Protesters point out that allegedly Armenians were deprived of returning to their homeland. The question is asked: why did they leave Garabagh when Azerbaijan appealed to the Armenian society about reintegration? However, they, like others, could accept Azerbaijani citizenship and live in peace in those territories. Why does that protesting group of Armenians not mention that when they expelled the Armenians from Garabagh, they were instructed by the current ‘Karabakh clan’ – so that they could form a pressure mechanism against Pashinyan's government by artificially changing the demographic situation? If this is not the case, then why are those groups now accusing the representatives of the Armenian authorities and attacking them in every corner?

One of the Armenian separatists, while discussing the photo of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and Arayik Harutyunyan, who is imprisoned in Baku, says: "Couldn't there be an artsakh flag next to the Armenian flag in this photo?"

Such a fit of jealousy and shallowmindedness can only be applied to Armenian separatism on Earth. Now, the new headquarters of these separatist groups has been established in Erivan, and of course, the concept of two states in one country cannot have a successful result. If Armenia considers itself an independent and sovereign state, then it should think about the headquarters of the separatist groups from now on. Baku actually saved Pashinyan from big trouble by seizing a group of criminals who led the separatists and even eyed toppling Pashinyan. Now the Armenian Prime Minister is preparing a new trouble for himself? What happens next is their problem...

Our problem is for the general development of the region. Although it is difficult to perceive this for every separatist mind, Azerbaijan has said and will say it again without hesitation. Zangazur Corridor is a common transport and communication line aimed at the economic development of regional states. The opening of the corridor cannot be understood as an interference in Armenian territories.

Azerbaijan has repeatedly made statements about this and even presented an alternative route for the corridor. The representative of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan for special assignments, Elchin Amirbeyov, also mentioned this in an interview with the Russian bureau of the BBC.

Answering the question that Azerbaijan allegedly claims to seize the Syunik region of Armenia, through which the Zangazur corridor is planned to be built, the Azerbaijani official refuted these arguments.

The Zangazur Corridor is a transport corridor concept with a length of about 40 kilometers, which, if implemented, would provide Azerbaijan with unhindered access to the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. This route has great potential and could become one of the continuations of the “One Belt - One Road” project, as well as part of the North-South corridor. And of course, Armenia, as one of the regional states, can benefit from this project more than its current position. If only every Armenian citizen could simply perceive it...


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