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Pundit: UN Security Council not to take any strict step against Azerbaijan

15 August 2023 16:00 (UTC+04:00)
Pundit: UN Security Council not to take any strict step against Azerbaijan
Qabil Ashirov
Qabil Ashirov
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United Nations Security Council to be convened tomorrow on request of Armenia due to the so-called blockade of Garabagh. Armenian mass media claims that the Armenian foreign minister Ararat Mirzoyan also will participate in the meeting.

To put it briefly, Armenia did not comply with the commitments of the November 10 Statement and did not provide Azerbaijan with a guarantee and unimpeded links with Nakhchivan. However, under the auspices of Russian peacekeepers Armenia used the Lachin-Khankendi road not only for humanitarian purposes but also to transfer military equipment and personnel for separatists in Garabagh.

At the beginning sabotage groups of separatists swept into the Azerbaijani territories and planted the landmines. Then illegal Armenian armed formations fired at an Azerbaijani border serviceman and injured him. To top it all off, it was found out that the members of ICRC were smuggling banned products. So, Azerbaijan was obliged to close the Lachin border checkpoint until the end of the investigation and offered Armenians to use the Aghdam-Khankendi road.

For some reason, the Armenian side propagandizes that it is a blockade and ostensibly Azerbaijan intends to commit ethnic cleansing. Regarding the issue, the Armenian side is required to convene the meeting of the UN Security Council, and a meeting is expected to take place tomorrow.

Speaking to AZERNEWS, Azerbaijani political scientist Alimusa Ibrahimov, noted that Armenia's appeal to the UN caused irony in Azerbaijani society and the world because same Armenia called four UN Resolutions a piece of paper and never complied with its demands. He added that it is another measure to slander Azerbaijan.

"Yerevan and other organizers knew very well that sending trucks to the Lachin Border Checkpoint, sending busses from Khankendi to Lachin and other similar events would not have any results. Then, why did they do all this? There is only one answer to this rhetorical question: to slander Azerbaijan. Supposedly, it was to form an opinion in the world community about Azerbaijan's allegedly holding Armenian minority living in Garabagh in blockade. When all this failed, the Armenians appealed to the UN and managed to put the issue on the agenda of the Security Council. Of course, it is not Armenia that draws the plan of all this, but hegemonic states like France that stand behind it. As we know, they have been pursuing a policy of hostility against Azerbaijan and Turkiye for a long time. With the support of France, Armenia required a meeting of the UN Security Council, and of course, the UN could not reject this request. However, the important thing is not to convene the meeting, but to achieve a result here. But will Armenia be able to get something from the meeting? Of course, Azerbaijan will not sit idly. Azerbaijan also has enough arguments regarding the Lachin Road. If the circumstances had been different, if Azerbaijan had really blockaded the people living there, and if what the Armenians said had been true, serious measures would have been taken against Azerbaijan long ago. I think that among the world states there are quite a lot of states that accept the arguments put forward by Azerbaijan, and one of these arguments is the use of the Aghdam-Khankendi road. If Armenians are suffering from hunger and famine has engulfed Garabagh, then why do they not accept this offer? This is not their goal, their goal is to discredit Azerbaijan," he stressed.

The pundit underlined that he does not expect the UN Security Council to take any serious action against Azerbaijan. He said that there will be negotiations on humanitarian aid, steps to be taken to avoid a humanitarian crisis, and alternative roads to be used in Garabagh. The main issue to be discussed there will be to deliver food and medicine to the Armenians living in Garabagh an alternative route.

"I don't think that the decisions will be made according to the claims of the Armenian side. An Azerbaijani delegation will also participate there and will express their opinions. As I mentioned earlier, Azerbaijan has serious reasons. First and foremost, Garabagh is an Azerbaijani territory and Azerbaijan has the right to protect its territorial integrity. I believe that the Azerbaijan will also raise the issue of cooperation with the office of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Khankend, not with the office in Yerevan, but with the office in Baku," the pundit emphasised.

Alimusa Ibrahimov believes that attention will be paid to the issue put forward by Azerbaijan in tomorrow's discussion and all nuances will be carefully considered. As for Armenia, according to the expert, this may be Armenia's last complaint before the international organization.

"After that, they will not be able to find a more authoritative body than the UN to complain about Azerbaijan and put forward their baseless claims. This is the last battle of the Armenians, and this is their last step, and the result will be zero for them," he concluded.


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