Swine flu kills one in Georgia

Swine flu (H1N1) has killed a 39-year-old man in Tbilisi last week, Sputnik Georgia cited the head of the National Center for Diseases and Public Health, Paata Imnadze, as saying.

Currently, swine flu was confirmed in 37 people from 240 citizens of the republic who have been tested.

Experts advise residents of the country to make a flu vaccine, as well as to comply with hygiene rules. They also urge patients to stay away from public places so as not to trigger further dissemination of H1N1.

Swine flu, which first detected in the United States in April 2009, could spread rapidly to reach other continents. H1N1 virus is a unique combination of influenza virus genes never previously identified in either animals or people. H1N1 is distributed by airborne transmission and its symptoms are high fever and pyrexia.


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