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Tourism Agency works to approve Beshbarmag security boundaries

30 July 2021 13:11 (UTC+04:00)
Tourism Agency works to approve Beshbarmag security boundaries

By Laman Ismayilova

The State Tourism Agency has proposed to approve the security boundaries of the Beshbarmag mountain.

Research work and archaeological excavations were carried out in the mountain in partnership with the National Science Academy (ANAS), Trend reported.

Documents on the introduction of a special protection for the Beshbarmag Mountain reserve have been already approved by the Cabinet of Ministers. The government approved the statute on the reserve.

According to the state agency, at the first stage, it is planned to repair the road around the mountain, and then - the construction of basic infrastructure buildings. Projects for the development of tourism will be implemented on the territory of the reserve.

“Archaeological excavations carried out on the territory of the reserve will make it possible to further promote Beshbarmag not only as a unique natural monument but also as an object of archaeological tourism, because it is an ancient settlement dating back to the Middle Ages. Beshbarmag Mountain is also a unique place for observing bird migration,” the message reads.

Beshbarmag Daghi State Historical-Cultural and Natural Reserve has been included in the list of immovable historical and cultural monuments of national importance.

The Cabinet of Ministers amended the decision "On approval of the distribution of immovable monuments of history and culture being under state protection in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, regarding to their values".

Beshbarmag Daghi State Historical-Cultural and Natural Reserve was added to the "Archaeological Monuments" section of the list of immovable historical and cultural monuments of national importance.

Majestic Beshbarmag (Five Finger Mountain) has emerged as one of Azerbaijan's most desirable tourist destinations.

Travelers flock here by the millions to bear witness to awe-inspiring mountain which rises to 382 m above the sea level.

Known for its mythical stories, the mountain is a sacred place for regular visitation by pilgrims.

Legend has it that sometime in the ancient past prophet called Khidr traveled here in search of a life potion. Now locals come here to pray for strength and good fortune.

There is a mosque at the foothill of the mountain where people donate money. There is also another holly place on the way to the top: a small donation pilgrims receive, a personal blessing usually performed by whispering prayers and having their shoulders touched a few times with a stone.

Here you can also see colorful stripes of cloth tied to its branches signifying prayers or wishes of the pilgrims.

As a tourist attraction, it’s well worth climbing to witness a fascinating view on the Caspian Sea.

In June, President Ilham Aliyev signed an order about the establishment of Beshbarmag Mountain State History, Culture and Nature Reserve.

The territory of the Beshmarmag mountain (Five Fingers) located in Siyazan's Galashikhi village was declared as Beshbarmag mountain State History and Culture and Nature Reserve.

The State Tourism Agency ensures management of the reserve.

The Cabinet of Ministers is entrusted to inform the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev about the work carried out in this direction and solve other issues arising from this order.

The relevant expenses are allocated from the funds provided for the State Agency for Tourism in the state budget of Azerbaijan for 2020.


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