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Turkmenistan approves trunk pipeline transport law

7 May 2013 16:10 (UTC+04:00)
Turkmenistan approves trunk pipeline transport law

The Majlis (Parliament) of Turkmenistan approved and unanimously adopted a draft law 'On trunk pipeline transport' at its regular meeting, the government of Turkmenistan reported.

The new law establishes a legal and organised basis for the functioning of trunk pipeline transport. 'Reliability of the trunk pipeline and transportation of oil and gas is the most important factor of the development of the fuel and energy complex, the stability and growth of the national economy,' the report says.

According to the report, the country's parliamentarians believe the adoption of this document is aimed at ensuring the safety and security of trunk pipelines at all stages of their construction and operation.

One of the main objectives of this legal document is protection of people's lives and health, as well as the environment from a possible adverse impact of pipeline transportation.

In general, the new law will allow the conducting of state regulation in the domestic oil and gas market and hydrocarbon exports, as well as monitoring oil and gas supply and consumption.

The main consumers of Turkmen gas at the current stage are China, Iran and Russia. Additional pipelines to Russia (Caspian gas pipeline through Kazakhstan), to Europe (Trans Caspian gas pipeline, as a part of Nabucco and AGRI- through Azerbaijan) and India (Trans Afghan gas pipeline through Pakistan) are among Turkmenistan's projected gas pipelines.

According to BP's report, the country ranks fourth on its natural gas reserves after Russia, Iran and Qatar.

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