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Why US politicians follow Armenia's dictates?

17 September 2023 08:30 (UTC+04:00)
Why US politicians follow Armenia's dictates?

By Elchin Alioglu, Trend

At the last meeting of the foreign ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia, held in Washington through the mediation of the US State Department, a serious agreement was reached. However, Washington and Yerevan violated this agreement.

There was an agreement on the parallel launch of cargo transportation of the International Committee of the Red Cross along the Lachin road and the Aghdam-Khankendi route. The United States was the guarantor of this agreement, a participant in the negotiations and an initiator. But then events began to develop in a completely different direction. The rhetoric of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has become aggressive, his statements addressed to Baku have become harsher.

Instead of implementing the agreement reached, Washington retreated to Armenian disinformation and propaganda. Armenian separatists from Yerevan and Garabagh were inspired by this and “torpedoed” the agreements. The result is obvious: the State Department and the US Congress are now talking only about the need to open the Lachin road and a “humanitarian catastrophe.”

However, neither the presence of 10 thousand armed Armenians in the territories under the control of Russian peacekeepers, nor Armenia’s escalation of the situation on the conditional state border, nor false statements about a “humanitarian catastrophe,” nor the continuation of Armenian mine terrorism, nor the constant shelling of our positions by military units of the Armenian Ministry of Defense, are mentioned.

There was also no mention of Armenia’s failure to comply with any terms of the trilateral declaration signed on November 10, 2020. Finally, it was not mentioned that in order to prevent the return of Azerbaijanis to the territories liberated from occupation, Armenia has repeatedly used the territories under the control of the Russian Peacekeeping Contingent (RPC) for the purpose of continuous sabotage and terrorist attacks.

And instead of all this, acting US Under Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Yuri Kim says that in the context of any peace negotiations, “the rights and safety of the ethnic Armenians of “Nagorno-Karabakh” must be protected. This is a mandatory element of any contract."

Such rhetoric and position of the United States, especially the complete irrationality and subjectivism in its approach to Azerbaijan, indicate the desire of the United States to replace Russia in Armenia, to become the main geopolitical force in the region and the main moderator in negotiations between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

There is no doubt that the United States, as well as the EU, in particular France, consider Armenia as a bargaining chip to promote their interests in the South Caucasus, but the danger is that the implementation of such a scenario can be very risky and have consequences not only for Armenia itself , but also for the entire region.

Most likely, holding the current US-Armenian military exercises EAGLE PARTNER 2023 in Armenia is also part of a larger US plan in the Caucasus. Kim's calls for the US to increase military aid to Armenia follow the same logic. Negotiations on this issue have been ongoing for a long time, but in fact the Americans have not yet provided any military assistance to Yerevan. Although the military factor is one of the important components designed to irritate Moscow with Yerevan’s pro-Western policy.

The United States is making mistakes in relation to Azerbaijan and discrediting itself as one of the main mediators in the Armenian-Azerbaijani negotiations. Official Baku has already advised the American side not to succumb to Armenia’s slanderous campaign. The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry stated that the mention of the rights and security of the “Armenian people of Nagorno-Karabakh” in the peace agreement regarding Armenians living in the Garabagh region reflects the terminology purposefully used by Armenia to promote separatism in the territories of Azerbaijan, and also contradicts the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country.

If the United States thinks that it can achieve results by putting pressure on Azerbaijan with biased, subjective and illogical demands, then it is deeply mistaken.

Washington once again used a flawed vocabulary full of incorrect expressions in its relations with Baku.

The results will not match US plans.

Because these plans do not serve the interests of the United States, but the Armenian lobby in this country.


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