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TARQAN - Turkish robot - available for international sales

23 June 2022 15:10 (UTC+04:00)
TARQAN - Turkish robot - available for international sales

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The Turkish robot - TARQAN - has been prepared for international sales, Yeni Shafak newspaper has reported.

The robot has the ability to travel rapidly and with the decisions it makes inside the warehouse once an order arrives, carrying shelves containing up to one ton of merchandise to the operation managers. This enhances collection efficiency by 300 percent while also delivering a cost and speed benefit.

The e-commerce volume, which has reached $5 trillion worldwide, has increased by 69 percent in just one year and reached 381.5 billion TL ($21.9 billion) in Turkey. Companies operating in the e-commerce sector need technology support to manage their growing operations.

Technology company OPLOG, which provides software and robotic-supported fulfillment (e-commerce logistics) services, enables the e-commerce companies it serves to manage their operations faster and more efficiently with its self-developed fulfillment robot TARQAN, contributing to the growth of these companies.

OPLOG CEO Halit Develioglu said that the robot is the first and only robot produced by a fulfillment company in the world.

“Companies in our field are forming their own software teams since it is no longer adequate to just supply services to a logistics firm. Our objective as OPLOG, which was founded as a technology business from the very beginning, is to develop not just software but also robotic technologies. In this context, we ventured into an area where few firms in the world have dared to tread, producing TARQAN, which was fully designed by Turkish engineers,” Develioglu stressed.

TARQAN contributes significantly to the effective administration of operations by staff. Millions of people purchase from e-commerce sites with a single click every day, expecting their items to arrive as quickly as possible, he added.

“In the background of this process, there are warehouse workers who walk many kilometers during the day to ensure the preparation of the orders. This system works differently in warehouses equipped with TARQAN robotic technologies. When the order comes, TARQAN moves quickly and with decisions, it is able to make in the warehouse and carries the shelves (up to one ton) of products to the operation managers. In this way, the collection efficiency increases by 300 percent, while providing a cost, as well as speed advantage,” the CEO underlined.


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