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Turkey's first domestic jet aircraft to take off in 2023

5 May 2022 17:10 (UTC+04:00)
Turkey's first domestic jet aircraft to take off in 2023

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Turkey's first jet trainer, a single-engine light attack aircraft, is set to take off on March 18, 2023, Yeni Shafak newspaper has reported.

According to the TRT Haber TV channel, the production of Turkey's first domestic jet aircraft - Hurjet started in 2017.

"Currently, almost all of our production is finished. We have completed more than half of our assembly activities. We want to put our planes on the final assembly line as soon as possible, place them in the ground tests, and finally switch to the flight test phase," Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) Aircraft Group Product Director Nezaket Guneri Orbay said.

She added that Hurjet has been tested on simulation by pilots for two years.

"It gives our pilot familiarity by reacting as if the plane is really flying in the air. This is a platform for our pilots to familiarize themselves with the plane's flight characteristics and cockpit since we recreate the identical cockpit that our pilot would utilize on the first flight,” Orbay emphasized.

The single-engine light attack aircraft is designed to play a critical role in anti-terror operations using its superior performance characteristics.

The 14-meter-long and four-meter-high Hurjet can reach a height of 45,000 feet (13716 meters) and can carry roughly 3 tons of usable cargo. Under the wing and fuselage, it will be able to carry ammunition and other payloads.

Turkey's first domestic jet trainer Hurjet is counting the days to take off. Hundreds of staff are working non-stop.

Hurjet was designed in a virtual environment and years of effort were spent on the design of each piece. The feverish work continues for the assembly of the prototype of Turkey's first jet aircraft, which was developed with domestic and national resources. After the first flight, Hurjet's certification work will begin. The aircraft can also be used on the Turkish Armed Forces’ Anadolu warship.


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