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Turkey suggests G20 summit to set up int’l commission on Afghanistan

14 October 2021 13:49 (UTC+04:00)
Turkey suggests G20 summit to set up int’l commission on Afghanistan

By Vugar Khalilov

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has proposed to create an international commission on the Afghan agenda, Yeni Shafak newspaper has reported.

Erdogan made the remarks in an address to the G20 Extraordinary Summit that was convened in a video conference format.

“I propose the creation of a working group within the G20 in order to bring a systematic perspective to this global problem. As Turkey, we aspire to the presidency in this group," Erdogan said.

He recalled that Turkey, which hosts approximately 5 million foreigners, 3.6 million of whom come from Syria, cannot bear a new migration burden originating from Afghanistan.

“It is inevitable that European countries will also be affected by the immigration pressure that Turkey will be exposed to from its southern and eastern borders. In this regard, I consider it essential for the G20 to keep the issues of migration and forced displacements on its agenda, keeping in mind its implications for the global economy,” Erdogan underlined.

He noted that the international community faced a new political and geopolitical reality in Afghanistan, which should be resolved through dialogue and a strategic approach.

“It is critical not only at the regional level but also at the international level to ensure security and stability in the country as soon as possible. With strategic patience and a gradual approach, we must steer the Taliban towards establishing an inclusive government, keeping the channels of dialogue open,” the Turkish president added.

Stating that the Afghan people have been struggling with the devastating consequences of instability, conflict, and terrorism for more than 40 years, Erdogan said that the international community should not turn its back to the Afghan people leaving the country to its own fate.

“Regardless of the political process, we need to show strong solidarity with the Afghan people due to the deepening humanitarian crisis in the country. The Turkish Red Crescent recently provided 33 tons of food in aid. We are also working on an additional comprehensive humanitarian aid package. We will continue to fulfill our fraternal duty towards the Afghan people in these difficult days. As seen in the terrorist attack carried out by ISIS in Kabul Airport on August 26, as well as the actions that took place in Kabul and some other provinces in recent days, the terrorist threat still continues. As you know, developments in Afghanistan increase the risk of immigration," he added.

Erdogan stressed that currently, Turkey provides scholarships for 1,100 Afghan students studying in Turkey and the total number of Afghans, who received scholarships so far has exceeded 10,000.

Furthermore, Erdogan sent a video message to the Fifteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP15).

In his video message, Erdogan stated that humanity is facing challenges such as climate change, environmental disasters, pollution, water and food safety, and loss of biodiversity.

He pointed out that the recent natural disasters in different parts of the world that have caused serious losses, show the grave extent of these problems and the current situation leads to conflicts and forces people to migrate.

“One of the reasons that has turned the Mediterranean, the cradle of civilizations, into a refugee graveyard is the destruction of the environment. Of course, those who must take the first step in the face of this threat affecting our future are those who have historical responsibility for the emergence of the problems that lead to climate change. However, the fight against climate change and environmental problems cannot be delegated to certain countries only. Regardless of their economic power, geographical location and historical responsibility, it is imperative that all countries take responsibility,” Erdogan emphasized.

The Turkish president reiterated his belief that fair, equitable, and conscientious solutions will be found to all global challenges, ensuring Turkey’s future leading role in taking the necessary steps for the protection of biological diversity at home and abroad.


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