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Baku criticizes int’l community for double standards

2 December 2014 18:52 (UTC+04:00)
Baku criticizes int’l community for double standards

By Sara Rajabova

Azerbaijani officials have criticized the international organizations for its double standards. They said the international community highlights any minor issue in Azerbaijan while turns a blind eye to the pressure and the use of force against the opposition in Armenia.

Zahid Oruj, Member of the Committee on Security and Defense of the Azerbaijani Parliament said the international organizations have become an integral part of the pressure exerted on the opposition in Armenia.

Oruj told Trend Agency that the weakening of the opposition, the intensification of corruption, non-recognition by the international community, the split in the Armenian diasporas and the increase in the number of people leaving the country testify to the fact that the Armenian government does not represent the people.

He said that the indifferent attitude of the West to Armenia’s internal policy is part of a general trend and such an attitude testifies to the Western circles’ view to the South Caucasus.

"The same can be said about Georgia. About 100 officials of the country working during Saakashvili’s period have been arrested. But there is no tough reaction. Now the question is: why isn’t there a violent reaction in relation to other countries of region? The issue is very simple. The attitude towards Azerbaijan is not intended to protect human rights. These issues are directly related to economic interests and plans, geopolitics, and so on. The Western circles know that the budget of Azerbaijan is much higher than the budget of Armenia and Georgia together," Oruj said.

Recently, the Armenian government resorted to violence against the opposition and community activists in the country. Seven vehicles belonging to the opposition and activists were burned over the last few days in Yerevan. Most of them belonged to members of the opposition movement:"Pre-Parliament". One of the activists was attacked after a protest rally was held by the "Pre-Parliament". Unknown people attacked him and inflicted blows to his head.

Opposition members are sure that the organizer of such actions is the ruling regime and the human rights bodies of Armenia call such actions "hooliganism."

Meanwhile, another Azerbaijani MP Tahir Rzayev said there are a number of reasons why international organizations and European countries turn a blind eye to the protests of the Armenian opposition against the government and, on the contrary highlight events taking place in Azerbaijan.

Noting that this is an old trend, he said they have always had a pro-Armenian position and there are some reasons for it.

“Armenia is a backward country, which has no resources. It is in a difficult economic situation and lives under the protection of another country. That is, Armenia is of no interest, so they remain silent about everything that happens in Armenia. Moreover, they share religious beliefs, i.e. Christianity. The developed European countries do not like Muslim countries. They do not want to see Muslims' development. They don't want to see Azerbaijan's development. They do not want to see the Caucasus development and Azerbaijan's independent policy,” Rzayev said.

He said that Armenia does not have anything that Europe could benefit from. “They consider Armenia a puppet country and want to make it a toy in their hands. People were shot in the Armenian parliament, several people were killed during the presidential elections and many people were arrested, but Europe remained silent. If tomorrow the Armenian authorities kill half of the population, Europe will not react properly,” he said.

Rzayev also added that some international organizations and European countries have formed a negative opinion about Azerbaijan and exerting pressure on it to accept a number of commitments.

“Azerbaijan rejects it. Azerbaijani president spoke out sharply stressing that Azerbaijan is an independent state, which pursues an independent policy, and it doesn’t have any obligations to do something to please someone,” Rzayev said.

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