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"For the Motherland" memorial under construction in Baku

25 October 2013 09:38 (UTC+04:00)
"For the Motherland" memorial under construction in Baku

By Sabina Idayatova

Construction of the memorial complex "For the Motherland" has started in the center of the Pirallahi settlement of Baku.

According to the district executive power, the total area of the complex is 2,800 square meters. The facility will be built in the shape of a crescent and an eight-pointed star.

Some 20 photos of martyrs (war victims), their date of birth and heroic death will be placed on marble slabs. 10 plates with the heros' photos will be on one side of the monument, and another 10 plates will be on the other side.

The timing of the expected completion of the construction work is not reported.

The executive authority of the district also said that at present, work is underway on the construction of a new administrative building of the police station, improvement work on the 29th block, overhaul of the United City Hospital No.10, and the construction of a new road in the settlement.

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