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Azerbaijani NGOs address letter to Nuclear Energy Summit leadership regarding Metsamor

21 March 2024 16:13 (UTC+04:00)
Azerbaijani NGOs address letter to Nuclear Energy Summit leadership regarding Metsamor
Qabil Ashirov
Qabil Ashirov
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Azerbaijani civil society representatives sent an open letter to the co-chairs of the Nuclear Energy Summit, which started in Brussels today - Prime Minister of Belgium Alexandre De Croix and General Director of the International Atomic Energy Agency (AEBA) Rafael Mariano Grossi.

According to Azernews, in the letter, the representatives of civil society and scientists of Azerbaijan urged the leadership of the Nuclear Energy Summit to pay attention to the global threat posed by the Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant, which is in a state of emergency and has long expired, and to raise the issue with the Armenian government about the immediate termination of the operation of this plant. they called

"The Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant, built in 1976 in a seismic zone of 9.5 points, working with old technology and rated at only 8 points, poses a great nuclear threat to Azerbaijan, Turkey, Armenia and the entire region. The irresponsible behavior of the Armenian authorities regarding this NPP, the world community false reports calculated to deceive are leading the region towards the next Chernobyl and Fukushima accidents. This risk is growing with each passing day. Instead of decommissioning the Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant and following the rules and procedures expected by the international community, the Armenian authorities are trying to artificially extend its life every time. Liquid waste from the Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant is ultimately discharged into the Araz River, a transboundary river. The plant is located in a water-scarce area, drawing water from deep wells to cool its aging reactor. During earthquakes, the groundwater level and flow direction can change, clearly demonstrating the unreliability of the cooling system. ", the letter stated.

Representatives of the NGO said that the illegal trade of some nuclear materials originating from Metsamor is of great concern: "There are more than 200 radioactive sources on the territory of Armenia. These sources include various types of isotopes. There are also cases of smuggling of radioactive isotopes in Armenia. This is a terrorist threat of radionuclides. increases the possibility of using it for this purpose. The fact that the landfills where Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant waste is placed are already full and the creation of a new nuclear waste landfill shows that there are serious problems with the disposal of this waste."

Representatives of civil society called on the International Atomic Energy Agency and other relevant international institutions to cooperate closely with Azerbaijan as the main affected country in this field:

"The Armenian authorities, which do not take into account the nuclear safety of their people and the peoples living in the regional states, can only be forced to stop the operation of the Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant with joint global efforts. The Nuclear Energy Summit, which defines the achievement of the goals arising from COP28 as its main direction, acts as a convenient platform in this regard. This is the expectation of the Azerbaijani community, which will host COP29."

The open letter was signed by the following Azerbaijani civil society representatives:

Fagan Aliyev - International Academy of Ecoenergetics

Islam Mustafayev - "Ruzgar" Ecological Public Union

Sabit Bagirov - Entrepreneurship and Market Economy Development Assistance Fund

Mirhasan Hasanov - "Chernobyl Disabled People's Union" Public Union

Eyvaz Asgarov - Public Union "Chernobyl Disabled People of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic".

Firuze Sultanzade - "EkoSfera" Social Ecological Center

Gulshan Akhundova - "Women, Development, Future" Public Union

Parvana Valiyeva - "Service to Health" Public Union

Muslim Gurbanov - "Ecoil" Scientific Ecological Public Union

Rovshan Abbasov - "Towards a Healthy Life" Ecological Public Union

Zurab Israfilov - "Azerbaijan Nature Protection Society" Public Union

Maryam Majidova - Youth Gender Equality Center "Gender Hub" Public Union

Zaur İbrahimli - "Prioritet" Social Economic Research Center Public Union

Umud Mirzayev - International Eurasia Press Fund

Israyil Iskandarov - "Umid" Social Development Support Public Union

Ramil Iskanderli - Legal Analysis and Research Public Union

Gunel Safarova - Chairman of "Vetandash" Research and Development Public Union

Khalid Kazimov - Regional Human Rights and Media Center Public Union

Ahmad Abbasbeyli - "Center for Community Development" Public Union

Elchin Mukhtarli - "Service to Health" Public Union

Amin Mammadov - Public Union "Experts in the Field of Water Use".

Elman Jafarli - "Green World" Environmental Awareness Public Union

Gorkhmaz Ibrahimli - Biosphere Public Union

Gamza Yusubova - Environmental Education and Monitoring public association

Rahila Mehtiyeva - "Social - Economic and Ecological Development" public association

Irada Hasanova - "Sema va Eco" Social Economic Development Assistance Public Union

Tukezban Agababayeva - Eco Hub Support for Ecological Initiatives

Sevil Isayeva - Ekolex Ecological Legal Center Public Union

Rustam Malikov - "Ana Kura" Public Association for Helping to Study Environmental Problems

Azizaga Hunbataliyev - Environmental Environmental Protection Public Union

Yazgül Abdiyeva - "Health Protection" public association

Ayyub Karimli - Economic and Social Research Assistance Public Union

Tavakkul Iskandarov - "Biological Diversity Center" Public Union

Jasarat Huseynzade - "Support to Information and Social Initiatives" Public Union.


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