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32nd anniversary of Garadaghli tragedy

17 February 2024 10:39 (UTC+04:00)
32nd anniversary of Garadaghli tragedy
Abbas Ganbay
Abbas Ganbay
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Since November 1991, during the occupation of the villages of Jamilli, Karkijahan, Gushchular, Malibeyli and Meshali, Armenian armed formations have committed war crimes against the civilian population, Azernews reports.

Armenian armed forces surrounded Azerbaijani-populated villages and towns in the mountainous part of Garabagh and isolated them from each other, then invaded and occupied the civilian population, looted and burned houses and farms. The tragedy (massacre) in Garadaghli, which took place on February 17, 1992, is one of the saddest and most unforgettable events of the Garabagh war.

The village of Garadaghli is located 13 kilometers west of the district center of Khojavand, on the outskirts of the Khojavand-Khankandi highway, in the foothills. The tragic days of Garadaghli village began in 1988 when Armenian separatism broke out.


November 24, 1990 Three villagers were brutally murdered by Armenian robbers 6 kilometers from the Khojavand-Khankandi road.

January 9, 1991. A UAZ car heading to Garadaghli village was shot at by Armenians, one person was killed and 4 people were wounded. Two of them died of their injuries.

March 8, 1991. 2 people were brutally killed near the village.

June 28, 1991. Three men and three women were burned alive on a farm near the village.

September 8, 1991. A passenger bus traveling from Aghdam to Garadaghli was shot at by Armenian bandits, 8 out of 40 passengers were killed.

January 8, 1992. Another Azerbaijani was brutally murdered near the village, and Armenians robbed about 100 sheep.


During those events, 118 people were taken prisoner and 33 were shot. Armenian executioners dumped the dead and wounded into a farmer's well and filled it with earth. A total of 68 people were killed and 50 were released with great difficulty. 10 of the hostages were women, two were schoolchildren. 18 of those released, including 5 women, died of incurable wounds.

As a result of the crime of genocide in Garadaghli village 4 people from each of two families were killed, 43 heads of families were killed, 146 children were left orphans. During the attacks of Armenian armed forces 10 women and 8 children of school age were killed. A total of 91 people were killed, every tenth resident of the village. In the village 200 houses, 1 house of culture, a secondary school building with 320 seats, a hospital building with 25 beds and other objects, historical, religious and cultural monuments belonging to Azerbaijanis, as well as a cemetery were destroyed. The village with 200 residential houses and 800 inhabitants became a terrible victim of Armenian cruelty.

Nothing is forgotten...

On the initiative of the executive authority of Khojavand district, documentary films "Genocide: Garadaghli" in Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages, "Garadaghli Genocide: Continuation..." and "Garadaghli, Struggle" in Azerbaijani, Russian, English and French languages to bring the tragedy of Garadaghli to the world community. The book "Garadagh genocide in the language of eyewitnesses" was prepared about the genocide committed in the village. Memorial complexes were erected in Yeni Garadaghly, Yeni Khojavand and Nargiztapa district to immortalize the memory of the Martyrs.


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