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Western Azerbaijani Community responds to anti-Azerbaijani resolution of French Senate

18 January 2024 16:19 (UTC+04:00)
Western Azerbaijani Community responds to anti-Azerbaijani resolution of French Senate
Abbas Ganbay
Abbas Ganbay
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The Western Azerbaijani Community has stated the anti-Azerbaijani resolution of the French Senate, Azernews reports.

The statement reads:

"The racist, Islamophobic, and Azerbaijanophobic French Senate has passed another resolution against Azerbaijan. The modern crusaders sitting in the French Senate do not realise that Azerbaijan does not receive authorization from anyone to conduct a military operation on its sovereign territory, and in this sense, the French Senate should know its place," it was said in the statement.

The Western Azerbaijani Community emphasised that the French Senate, which has made ridiculous accusations against Azerbaijan, should answer questions such as.

"Why is there frequent civil war in France?", "Why does France ban the Corsican language?", "What business does the French army have in Niger, Mali, and Burkina Faso?", "Why does France still keep territories thousands of kilometres away from it in colonial dependence?

France, which after its shameful defeat in World War II was granted the status of a permanent member of the UN Security Council at the mercy of others, could not pass a resolution against Azerbaijan in this body for several months, apparently spoiling itself with a Senate resolution," says the community.

The Community's report also refers to the French Senate's ethnic and religious hatred towards Azerbaijan, where the former calls on "Azerbaijan and its allies to withdraw their troops from the territory of Armenia." By doing so, the Senate becomes an object of ridicule.

The community emphasised that France, which speaks about "the right of Garabagh Armenians to some determination," would better grant independence to Corsica, the Basques, and New Caledonia.

"Speaking, on the one hand, about preserving the territorial integrity of Armenia, and on the other hand, using the terms "Nagorno-Karabakh Republic" and "democratically elected leaders of Nagorno-Karabakh," the Senate is mocking itself. Those who banned the AZERTAC correspondent from entering New Caledonia are demanding that Azerbaijan release "the political leaders of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic," the statement reads.

AZERTAC said that if the Senate is concerned about "Armenian cultural heritage, let it deal with the examples of cultural heritage that France has been stealing from Africa for centuries.

"The UNESCO mission that France wants to send to Garabagh should be sent to France itself to ensure that these stolen heritage samples are returned to their true owners," the report said.

"Speaking of the return of the Garabagh Armenians, the French Senate, with its crusader mentality, must realise that the return must be reciprocal, and the return of Western Azerbaijanis to Armenia must be ensured.

We realise that Azerbaijanophobia has become a lucrative profession in France in recent years, a great opportunity to become a "hero," a "fiery orator". But France has been defeated not only in World War II but in recent years in Africa, and in the South Caucasus in 2020–2023. Official Paris, which in recent years has shown itself to be less reliable, should come to terms with this and abandon its policy of invasion in the region," the Community said.

The community report also said that the French Senate, which calls on the European Union to reconsider relations with Azerbaijan, believes that the world revolves around France and Europe.

"Against the backdrop of the agreements reached by Azerbaijan and Armenia in direct talks on December 7, this provocative move by the French Senate is political clowning. We also strongly reject France's accusations against brotherly Turkiye," the Community says in the statement.

"Armenia should also realise that France's acquisition of weapons that no one needs and the establishment of a base in Armenia by the European Union will in no way help Yerevan but will prevent the establishment of peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia. The maximum that France can give Armenia is to grant the Garabagh Armenians the title of honorary citizens of Paris. Armenia should conclude the mistakes of the 1st Republic".


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