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Looking at Garabagh from Baku like looking at Anatolia from Baku

29 September 2023 18:00 (UTC+04:00)
Looking at Garabagh from Baku like looking at Anatolia from Baku

by Güngör Yavuzaslan

We were in Baku in September 2023…

The awards of the "27th Zoom International News Footage Competition," organized by the Association of News Cameramen of Turkiye with the contributions of the Presidency of Communications of the Republic of Turkiye, were held in Baku on September 26. With the 44-day victory march (military song) and the Shusha memorandum signed afterward, Turkish and Azerbaijani media are advancing the strategic cooperation process. Of course, the architects of the work are Prof. Dr. Fahrettin Altun and Hikmet Hacıyev.

21 September last victory in Garabagh...

Azerbaijani armed forces launched anti-terrorist activities against the illegitimate elements remaining in Garabagh on September 21. In 23 hours, results were obtained and the process of disarmament of the region and elimination of illegitimate elements began. During this exact period, Turkish President Erdoğan came to Nakhchivan. Victory, diplomacy, and a fast process. And we delivered the latest and most important news from Baku to both Azerbaijani and Turkish media. The process that took place was the embodiment of the motto "Unity in Language, in Ideas, in Work".

Strategic communication...

Nowadays, studies that provide result-oriented interaction with new media beyond the traditional media understanding come to the fore. The liberation of Garabagh from invasion and the latest victory by the TURKIC side created a successful media army behind the front. The joint work of the President of Communications of the Turkish Republic Prof. Dr. Fahrettin Altun, and the Advisor to the Azerbaijani President, Hikmet Hacıyev, was reflected on the field. The process that intensified in 2020 reached its peak with the Shusha agreement. In accordance with the "Memorandum of Understanding on Strategic Cooperation in the Field of Media between the Republic of Turkiye and the Republic of Azerbaijan" signed on December 10, 2020, taking into account the possibilities of the Turkiye-Azerbaijan Media Platform, we will further increase cooperation in the fields of information, communication and social diplomacy between the relevant institutions of the two countries, and within this framework, frequent meetings and exchanges regarding information would be held between the foreign ministries. Türkiye-Azerbaijan Media Platform is now more effective.

There is a lot to tell...

Ganira Pashayeva invited me to Baku as a journalist. When I first landed in Baku, I happily participated in a school's event for disabled students. A young girl in a wheelchair sang the folk song "Garabakh is Always the Mother of Dreams" to us. Then I went to Tovuz. Ganira always told me about Shusha and Garabagh. "And you are a journalist who travels a lot and you have spoken about our Garabagh struggle," she said. So I promised her and said, "One day, I will listen to this folk song and drink tea in Shusha." I drank that tea in Shusha in 2022. Last time, we spoke on the phone after a TV broadcast during the anti-terror activities on September 21. I said, 'Look, Khankendi is now free from invasion. Now it's time to drink tea." Ganira said to me, "InshaAllah, son of Garabagh."

"Get up, Ganira, get up, we will go to Khankendi," I said.

Garabagh is Azerbaijan!

Güngör Yavuzaslan is a Turkish reporter who conducts political and social research on the Turkic world and the Middle East.


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