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IDPs from Garabagh make appeal to international community

14 September 2023 18:55 (UTC+04:00)
IDPs from Garabagh make appeal to international community

Internally displaced persons (IDPs) from Khojaly, Khankendi, Khojavand, and other districts of the Garabagh region which is currently under the temporary control of Russian peacekeepers have made an appeal to the international community, Azernews reports, citing AzerTac.

Azernews presents the appeal.

“We – the internally displaced persons from Khojaly, Khankendi, Khojavand, and other districts of the Garabagh region which is currently under the control of Russian peacekeepers – declare to the international community that despite the Garabagh conflict ending three years ago, in 2020, we are still unable to return to our cities, districts, villages, homes and native lands.

Armenia is circulating false propaganda that only Armenians allegedly lived in those territories. They are even denying the fact that it was Azerbaijanis who had historically lived there. This is a bogus claim! We are the true native residents of Khojaly, Khankendi, Karkijahan, Malibayli, Gushchular, Meshali, Garadaghli!

As a result of Armenia's policy of aggression against Azerbaijan, we experienced tremendous tragedies, acts of genocide, and mass killings. They tried to erase our memory by pursuing a policy of ethnic cleansing; our mosques, and graves of our relatives were destroyed and desecrated, and our houses were leveled to the ground. Our homelands were given fictitious names. Countless people have left this world longing for their homeland.

It causes us immense pain and suffering to look at our native homes only in photos and videos. The once happy places have now become a “barren land”.

The remains of the Armenian army should be completely removed from these territories, the remnants of the puppet junta created and still being supported by Armenia should be dissolved, and the illegal armed groups should be disarmed. This is our demand! This is the demand of the entire Azerbaijan!

The territorial integrity of Azerbaijan was fully restored by the establishment of a checkpoint in Lachin in April this year. The courageous and thoughtful policy of Victorious Commander-in-Chief, President Ilham Aliyev has brought us these happy days!

Garabagh and Eastern Zangazur are now being turned into paradise. The overwhelming joy of the people of Zangilan, Lachin, Fuzuli, and Tartar returning to their homes inspires us and gives us even more hope that we too will soon become a part of this Great Return!

Therefore, the sovereignty of Azerbaijan over Khojaly, Khankendi, Khojavand, and other areas that have now become a “barren land” should be ensured.

We appeal to the Armenians living in the Garabagh [economic] region: you can live happily under the flag of Azerbaijan, under the Constitution of Azerbaijan, and in accordance with the laws of Azerbaijan! Do not allow your own fate, the fate of your children and future generations to be poisoned by Armenia and the illegal junta regime that it supports! Garabagh should become a place of peace, coexistence, and prosperity!

The “barren land” cannot remain as such forever, and it is unacceptable that we are still unable to return to our homes! We hereby declare that each of us believes in Victorious Commander-in-Chief, President Ilham Aliyev! We believe that we will return to Khojaly, Khankendi, Khojavand, Aghdara! For more than 30 years, we did not lose faith in that for a single day. We live with a great longing for that day!

Every year on the day of the Khojaly genocide, we visit the “Mother’s Cry” memorial in Baku. We must be able to mark the Khojaly tragedy in our own Khojaly too. Khojaly is waiting for us! We are impatiently waiting for the day when we can say, “Dear Khojaly, we are back!”

We are calling on the international community to demand that Armenia stop taking steps against the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan, and ensure our right to return to our homes!”

Signed by:

1. Valiyeva Khatira – Khankendi city resident, Chairperson of "Khankendi - Support for Internally Displaced Persons" Public Union;

2. Khudiyev Hikmat - Khankendi resident, "Honored journalist";

3. Jafarova Sariyya - Khankendi district resident, Chairperson of "Recognition of Khojaly massacre" Public Union;

4. Gasimova Flora - Khankendi city resident, "Presidential Stipend holder";

5. Mammadov Vagif - Khankendi city resident;

6. Valiyev Nazim – Khankendi city resident, doctor;

7. Farzaliyev Yusif - Khankendi city resident, teacher;

8. Guliyeva Sevinj - Khankendi city resident, doctor;

9. Alizade Gariba - Khankendi city resident, teacher;

10. Aliyev Izzat - Karkijahan settlement resident, Khankendi city, driver;

11. Jafarsoy Ilhami - Malibayli village resident, Shusha district, professor, teacher;

12. Allahverdiyev Mubariz - Khojaly district resident, professor, teacher;

13. Baghirov Vahid - Khankendi city resident, pensioner;

14. Mirzayeva Aynur - Khankendi city resident, teacher;

15. Garabaghli Aydin - Khankendi city resident, "Honored journalist";

16. Kazimov Galib –Khankendi city resident;

17. Samadov Sabuhi - Karkijahan settlement resident, Khankendi city, son of a martyr;

18. Gasimov Jeyhun - Khankendi city resident;

19. Aliyeva Yegana - Khankendi city resident, teacher;

20. Kazimov Teymurkhan - Khankendi resident;

21. Rustamova Figura - Khojaly district resident, teacher;

22. Guliyev Elman - Khankendi city resident;

23. Zeynalov Yagub - Khankendi city resident, actor;

24. Mustafayev Yashar - Khankendi city resident, teacher;

25. Mailov Namig - Khankendi city resident, journalist;

26. Rashidov Natig - Khankendi city resident;

27. Aliyeva Nurida - Khankendi city resident, teacher;

28. Rasulov Novruz - Karkijahan settlement resident, Khankendi city;

29. Guliyev Ramin - Khojaly city resident, teacher;

30. Huseynova Samira - Khojaly city resident, teacher;

31. Mammadov Elkhan - Khankendi city resident;

32. Mustafayev Gorkhmaz - Aghdara district resident, teacher;

33. Amirov Khasay - Khankendi city resident, teacher;

34. Farajov Vugar - Khankendi city resident;

35. Ahmadova Ziba - Khankendi city resident, pensioner;

36. Mirzayev Sahib - Khankendi city resident;

37. Khudiyev Ilham - Khankendi city resident, journalist;

38. Bakhtiyarova Sevda - Khankendi city resident, teacher;

39. Guliyeva Irada - Khankendi city resident, teacher;

40. Baghirova Sevil - Khankendi city resident, teacher;

41. Gasimov Rafael - Khankendi city resident;

42. Aliyev Murvat - Karkijahan settlement resident, Khankendi city, Karabakh veteran;

43. Atakishiyev Sarhad - Khankendi city resident, brother of a martyr;

44. Mammadova Emiliya - Khankendi city resident, teacher;

45. Huseynov Ilgar - Garadaghli village resident, Khojavand district

46. Muradova Rita - Khankendi city resident, teacher;

47. Muradova Nazima - Khankendi city resident, pensioner;

48. Amil Guliyev - Khojaly district resident, pensioner;

49. Guliyev Rafiq – Garadaghli village resident, Khojavand district.


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IDPs from Garabagh make appeal to international community - Gallery Image
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