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French journalist calls French Senate's resolution against Azerbaijan 'shameful'

16 November 2022 15:51 (UTC+04:00)
French journalist calls French Senate's resolution against Azerbaijan 'shameful'

By Trend

Jean-Michel Brun, Executive Director of Trend News Agency's newspaper, called the French Senate resolution initiated by Armenian extremists against Azerbaijan "shameful" in his article.

In the article, it said that on October 3, a group of senators presented to the Senate of France a draft resolution against Azerbaijan. The resolution was passed on November 15 with an overwhelming majority of votes.

He said that the decision of the Senate does not affect the external politics of France and that the resolution within this context does not have any value.

The journalist noted that before the Senate session, Azerbaijanis residing in France held a peaceful protest in front of the Luxembourg Palace. Referring to this, he said that the Azerbaijani community in France, with its several thousand representatives, has less value than the Armenian lobby represented in the country.

Brun also noted that the main representative of the Armenian lobby was Jean-Marc Ara Toranian, who was also the representative of the Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia (ASALA), which was responsible for a number of provocations in the 1980's, including the infamous 1983 bomb attack at the Orly Airport.

"This fact does not prevent him from being a friend in the Presidential Palace (I think that azeris don’t know that the Elysée Palace is the place where Macron stands !) , National Assembly, and Senate of France," said Brun.

It is also noted in the article that the text of the resolution has, in particular, a demand for French and European powers to impose an embargo on the imported gas from Azerbaijan and "to immediately withdraw Azerbaijan from the Armenian territory".

"However, despite all international laws and four UN resolutions, as well as the requirement to fully withdraw Armenian forces from Karabakh according to recent trilateral statements, the Armenian occupation of 20 percent of Azerbaijan's territories for 30 years is somehow not mentioned," the article states.

Jean-Michel Brun noted that after the past election, the most conservative part of the French political class, that has increased its influence and is following other European countries facing difficult economic situation like Italy, chose as an argument the hypothesis of "European identity" that is based on the Christian roots of the West. However, it is impossible to determine the "national identity" considering the fact that Europe and France in particular have numerous and various roots.

Brun mentioned that within this context, the main reason why Turkiye is not accepted into the EU is that it is a Muslim country.

"This means that the French culture, which draws its roots as much from Avicenna, Ibn Khaldun, and Nizami, as from Saint Augustine and Thomas Aquinas, completely forgot its Muslim roots. The "father" of secular schools, Jules Ferry, who decided to remove all references to Arab roots from European textbooks, is primarily responsible for this ignorance or blindness. It is related to the ignorance of our compatriots in this matter," he said in the article.

According to the article, it manifests itself today in the cruel Islamophobic campaigns that French Muslims face on a daily basis.

"Why do you attack Azerbaijan, a fully secular country where all religions can coexist peacefully and where the majority of the population is Muslim, but where the region's largest Jewish community resides? Just because French identitarians who claim to defend Armenians as "east Christians," allegedly "threatened by Muslims", believe they have begun a new crusade to save the Christian faith and, as a result, "European civilization", said in the article.

The French reporter also mentioned that the suffering of the Azerbaijani people for about thirty years was neglected in the resolution. Also neglected was the fact that part of the country's territory was occupied, destroyed, and mined, and that the population of the occupied territories was subjected to ethnic cleansing.

"This resolution purposefully distorts reality and puts the responsibility on others. It demands from Azerbaijan to "leave Armenian territory", "return captured Armenians to their homeland", while neglecting the permanent attacks on Azerbaijani territory committed by Armenian saboteurs, the refusal of Armenia to present minefield maps, as well as the fate of 4000 Azerbaijanis who went missing during the Karabakh conflict. France is not perplexed by the paradox of supporting Ukraine as well as Armenia, whose soldiers fight alongside Russian forces, despite the fact that Azerbaijan has been providing Kyiv with assistance since the beginning," Brun said.

He noted that this recent event with the Senate is no more than an ironic advertisement for Armenian extremists that managed to involve French parliamentarians in this pathetic masquerade. It is one of the fundamental examples of the Islamophobic domestic policy of France, which also conducts an inappropriate external policy in relation to the countries of Caucasus and Central Asia. As a result, France loses its political, cultural, and even linguistic authority among the people. Moreover, it is a demonstration of France's refusal to adhere to its own fundamental principles. Alas!", he concluded.


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