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Austrian media highlights destabilizing impact of Pelosi's visit to Armenia

21 September 2022 13:42 (UTC+04:00)
Austrian media highlights destabilizing impact of Pelosi's visit to Armenia

By Trend

The Austrian the online newspaper has published an article entitled 'Who is the main instigator of instability in the South Caucasus?', which highlighted the recent visit of Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Armenia and her statements during the visit, Trend reports.

According to the article, for almost 30 years Pelosi demonstrated the pro-Armenian position and always supported Armenia during the occupation of Azerbaijani territories.

Pelosi’s pro-Armenian rhetoric was noticeable even when Azerbaijanis were subjected to genocide when their houses, shrines, and graves of their relatives were destroyed, the article said.

The article also assumed that Pelosi provided practical support in various ways to the anti-Azerbaijani plans of Armenian ultranationalists, Dashnaks, the Hnchak party, and ASALA terrorists.

Besides, the article stressed that for people like Pelosi, concepts like universal human values ​​and principles of humanism acquire meaning only if they can take own benefit, since Pelosi didn’t show similar ‘sympathetic’ behavior in relation to the innocent victims of ‘winged democracy’ - victims of military scenarios realized in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan and Yemen.

The innocent victims of Khojaly and other regions of Azerbaijan were no exception in this respect, the article added.

The article expressed confidence that this whole spectacle of giving the image of the ‘oppressed’ to predators is aimed at getting the votes of Armenians in the election to be held in the US.

Moreover, according to the article, Pelosi needs funds for the election and the campaign fund.

"Nancy Pelosi is not crying for the Armenians, she’s crying for her own interests," concluded the article.


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