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Grain harvesting ends ahead of schedule

2 August 2019 15:18 (UTC+04:00)
Grain harvesting ends ahead of schedule

By Abdul Kerimkhanov

One of the main tasks facing Azerbaijan today is further reducing the dependence of the economy on the oil industry and ensuring the development of the economy in rural areas.

Development of agriculture plays a major role in reducing unemployment. At the same time, this industry is of great importance in reducing poverty in rural areas.

This year, cereals were collected on an area of ​​more than one million hectares, while the harvest was completed on 670,000 hectares of wheat and 342,000 hectares of barley, Inam Karimov, Azerbaijani Minister of Agriculture, said at a meeting related to the country’s socio-economic sphere.

He noted that annually numerous requests for logistical support were received from farmers. Karimov emphasized that as a result of the work of the dislocation system, in particular, the use of modern equipment, the GPS systems’ installation and their proper dislocation, the harvesting of grain crops this year ended 20 days earlier than usual.

He added that yield has also become higher in 2019.

“Compared to 2018, on average two additional centners of yield were harvested per hectare. Along with this, the main upcoming task is associated with the development of cotton. Cotton harvesting will begin in August 2019,” the minister said.

Karimov noted that farmers will be fully provided with equipment and everything necessary.

“One of the main tasks is the promotion of agriculture. To date, more than 300,000 farmers have registered in the electronic system of agriculture. From January 2020, grants will be issued in electronic format,” he said.

Also, this system will allow to plan and predict in advance the sowing and harvest of farmers. Thus, farmers must necessarily submit their work plans, Karimov stressed.

Along with this, currently, preparatory work related to the use of a system of subsidies is underway.

“This will serve to increase employment, productivity, improve food security and Azerbaijan’s export potential in the field of agriculture,” Karimov noted.


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