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Azerbaijani film industry comes under spotlight at Kazan forum [PHOTOS]

23 May 2023 16:13 (UTC+04:00)
Azerbaijani film industry comes under spotlight at Kazan forum [PHOTOS]
Laman Ismayilova
Laman Ismayilova
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Tatarstan has hosted the International Economic Forum "Russia - Islamic World: Kazan Forum 2023", which saw 5, 000 guests from 80 countries.

The forum was not only significant in terms of the number of attendees, but also for important subjects that were discussed throughout the event.

A panel session "Film production as a driver of economic development of the region" сovered the strategies for the development of the national film production and international projects for the economic development.

Speakers touched upon the practice of joint production of documentaries, strengthening national interests in cinematography.

A topic of great importance was discussed concerning how to enhance the recognition of our national culture and effectively educate the younger generation, given the current trend of digitalization on a global scale.

The discussions revolved around numerous topics such as organizing film festivals, forums, and pitchings, addressing the challenges faced by regional cinema, exploring co-production opportunities and much more.

Director of AzerbaijanFilm studio Nazim Huseynov spoke about the perspectives of international projects in the field of cinematography. He drew special attention to the role of traditions created with the help of the national film industry in the development of the region.

In his speech, Nazim Huseynov noted that Azerbaijan successfully cooperates with filmmakers from Uzbekistan and Turkiye. He stressed the growing interest of Indian filmmakers in Azerbaijan, particularly Baku as a preferred filming destination.

Note that AzerbaijanFilm Studio celebrates its 100th anniversary. By its centenary, AzerbaijanFilm Studio has launched a series of programs.

AzerbaijanFilm Studio actively organizes competitions aimed at supporting and stimulating the activities of talented people working in the field of cinematography, attracting creative forces to the process, and forming a scenario portfolio for the film studio.

The film studio holds exhibitions that will showcase the best photographs taken during the filming process.

Cinematographers from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, India, Russia and other countries also addressed the panel session, moderated by the member of the Russian Filmmakers' Union and the Russian Guild of Film Critics, journalist and producer Ivan Kudryavtsev.

Chairman of the Kyrgyz Filmmakers' Union Taalaibek Kulmendeev expressed his readiness to create joint film projects with international partners.

Chairman of the BelarusianFilmmakers' Union Viktor Vasiliev noted that the influence of the Russian screen cult of Russia had an important character for Belarus, the proximity of destinies and cultures. Many joint projects have been implemented by the two countries.

Film producer, founder and co-owner of Indian Films (Russia), Zakaria Entertainment (India), Doctor of Neurosurgery (India) Mohammed Tahsin Nazim said that agreements on joint projects have been signed. He also spoke about the costs of creating a cinema in India.

General Director of Mikhalev Production Center LLC Andrey Mikhalev stated that there is more and more digital content, and they have found a project for children that translates values.

Deputy Executive Director of the Regional Cinematography Support Fund of the Russian Filmmakers' Union Dmitry Yakunin said that regional cinema leads to the development of tourism, the increase of jobs, and the growth of the economy.

The panel session continued with other discussions on major topics.


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Azerbaijani film industry comes under spotlight at Kazan forum [PHOTOS] - Gallery Image
Azerbaijani film industry comes under spotlight at Kazan forum [PHOTOS] - Gallery Image
Azerbaijani film industry comes under spotlight at Kazan forum [PHOTOS] - Gallery Image
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