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Carpet Museum displays Khantirme carpets [PHOTO/VIDEO]

16 November 2020 12:06 (UTC+04:00)
Carpet Museum displays Khantirme carpets [PHOTO/VIDEO]

By Laman Ismayilova

The National Carpet Museum continues its virtual tour throughout its extensive collection. Famous public and cultural figures are taking part in the project.

This time, popular TV-host Konul Arifgizi has informed art lovers about stunning Karabakh carpets, stored in the museum's collection. The tour was accompanied by sign language translation prepared within the museum's inclusive programme.

The Carpet Museum also provided insight into Khantirme carpets of the Karabakh group woven in Barda, Aghjabadi, Tartar, as well as Hadrut, Garabulag, and Kohna Taglar.

The composition of the carpets is similar to the Indian termeh. Clothes of khans and nobles were also made of termeh, therefore the carpet's name is formed by a combination of the words 'khan' and "termeh".

The central field of these carpets, woven mainly in an oblong design, consists of alternating narrow and wide stripes decorated with vegetative elements. Buta and ilangach elements adorn the wide stripes.

Founded in 1967, the National Carpet Museum holds more than 14,000 exhibits of the finest Azerbaijani carpets.

The museum, initiated by eminent carpet artist Latif Karimov, is beautiful inside and out. The museum's new building is designed in the form of a rolled carpet.

The Carpet Museum opened its doors in 2014 at Baku Seaside Park. All carpets were transferred to the museum's new location.

Now, the museum hosts multiple events, including international symposiums, conferences and various exhibitions.

In 2019, the museum received the national status for its significant contribution in popularization and promotion of the Azerbaijani Carpet Weaving Art.


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