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Carpet Museum displays unique exhibits [PHOTO]

17 August 2020 11:34 (UTC+04:00)
Carpet Museum displays unique exhibits [PHOTO]

By Laman Ismayilova

Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum has delighted art lovers with another exhibits from its extensive collections.

This time the museum provided insight into unique type of pendant. As a result of studies conducted in the country's regions, it was found out that neck decorations used to be produced with pendants of different shapes.

The image of a bird pattern is considered one of the most popular patterns used in the Azerbaijani jewelry.

Many centuries ago, the connection between a tribe and certain animals was reflected on bronze jewelry in the images of birds such as ducks, pigeons, and roosters.

Amulets in the form of birds, most of which were hollow, with triangular slits on the base and a loop on the back, were also widely used at that times.

The museum also displayed Azerbaijan's traditional bag known as chanta. This small handbag was made using pile and flat-woven techniques to carry small objects. In ancient times, it was also known as a govlug.

There is a strap for hanging on the shoulder. The museum’s collection stores varicolored and exquisitely decorated bags from the country's regions.

Beautiful Shirvan's bag attracts special attention of art lovers. The bag is decorated with male and female figures dressed in traditional costumes.

The top of the male figure is decorated with bird patterns, while the bottom of the female figure is adorned with the image of the two-sided comb.

There are also some elements on the bag border designed as a symbol of the family's protection. Perhaps this bag was woven for a wedding and kept as a memory of happy days.

Founded in 1967, the National Carpet Museum holds more than 14,000 exhibits of the finest Azerbaijani carpets.

The museum, initiated by eminent carpet artist Latif Karimov, is beautiful inside and out. The museum's new building is designed in the form of a rolled carpet.

The Carpet Museum opened its doors in 2014 at Baku Seaside Park. All carpets were transferred to the museum's new location.

Now, the museum hosts multiple events, including international symposiums, conferences and various exhibitions.

In 2019, the museum received the national status for its significant contribution in popularization and promotion of the Azerbaijani Carpet Weaving Art.


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Carpet Museum displays unique exhibits [PHOTO] - Gallery Image
Carpet Museum displays unique exhibits [PHOTO] - Gallery Image
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