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Life of Mountain Jews through eyes of artist [PHOTO]

12 August 2020 15:56 (UTC+04:00)
Life of Mountain Jews through eyes of artist [PHOTO]

By Laman Ismayilova

Russian State Museum of Oriental Art has opened an exhibition of the Israeli artist Rami Meir.

The exposition "The History of One People - for the Whole World" includes 31 fascinating art works that brilliantly reflect the history and culture of Mountain Jews, the museum's website reported.

Mountain Jews had settled in the Caucasus more than two thousand years ago. Located 165 km northwest of Baku, Krasnaya Sloboda (Red village) is home to the country's largest community of Mountain Jews and one of the largest Jewish populations in the former Soviet Union. This Jewish settlement in Guba has been inhabited by Jews since the 13th century.

"My main goal is to collect and preserve history for my descendants and the whole world. I believe that a person who does not know his history does not know himself. But I adore people who not only know their culture and history, but also help to revive it," the artist said.

While working on the Mountain Jews series, Rami Meir studied the history of his people in detail. He collected a number of historical materials which helped him to recreate traditions, crafts and traditional costumes of Mountain Jews through art.

For his exposition, the artist also studied texture and traditional colors of fabrics as well as various jewelry and religious symbols. He embodied all this knowledge in wonderful paintings.

Art works of the Israeli artist were highly appreciated by art lovers.

"The series of paintings by the artist "Mountain Jews" once again raises the question of the role and place of culture and history of small local groups in the large world of art. This is the theme of the cultural value and the history of small peoples for world culture. And many great artists have raised this topic in their art," said the exhibition curator Natalia Ivanova.

Speaking about the exhibition, Advisor to the Director General of the Moscow State Museum of the East Tatiana Metaksa stressed that through his art Rami Meir reflects the life of Mountain Jews. She emphasized that the artist's works are imbued with wisdom.

"The paintings of Israeli artist Rami Meir show us the world of a century ago. The exhibition reflects the life of Mountain Jews: here are weddings, seeing off to serve in the Russian army, portraits of elders and much more," said Tatiana Metaksa.

The exhibition at the State Museum of the East is open to visitors until September 6, 2020.

Rami Meir is an Israeli artist who was born in Azerbaijan. He is also a poet, singer, author of song lyrics.

Meir is the chairman of Russia's Mountain Jewish Union of Artists. His paintings are stored in many private art collections in Russia, the United States and Israel.

Rami Meir creates paintings in various art styles from realism to impressionism. His art works are characterized by unique symbols which never cease to amaze art lovers.


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Life of Mountain Jews through eyes of artist [PHOTO] - Gallery Image
Life of Mountain Jews through eyes of artist [PHOTO] - Gallery Image
Life of Mountain Jews through eyes of artist [PHOTO] - Gallery Image
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