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AzNet to adopt further protecting measures against DDoS attacks

10 December 2014 17:03 (UTC+04:00)
AzNet to adopt further protecting measures against DDoS attacks

By Nigar Orujova

American Company Arbor Networks will provide network protection for AzNET against external cyber attacks, Technical Director of "Delta Telecom" Atesh Rzayev said.

Rzayev said the hardware and software of Arbor Networks will be installed in Azerbaijan by the end of December. Methods of "hard" and "fine" cleaning will be applied to ensure the security of the network infrastructure.

“The hard method involves clearing traffic in the border points, and a fine cleaning will be carried out on site by the inner filter. In the case of anomaly detection, the system will lock them at the border points, and then at an internal filtration, the system will block all sorts of attacks, such as attack with a large number of requests, leading to a denial of service of the systems,” the director added.

The new security system will provide high resistance of AzNET segment, which is an important aspect during the events of high importance in the country.

He cited as an example a targeted DDoS-attack of 85 Gbit/s capacities on a network of mobile operators in Azerbaijan.

“The incident occurred in late July but due to the greater capacity of AzNET, the large-scale attack didn’t affect the performance of the network,” Rzayev noted.

The company Arbor Networks is a leading global provider of security solutions for networks operators and large corporations. Arbor Networks solutions enable monitoring networks and effectively detect anomalies and DDoS-attacks.

Most of external cyber attacks on Azerbaijan's network infrastructure come from countries with well-developed Internet infrastructure. The number of cyber attacks increases in Azerbaijan occasionally during important events including both holidays and mourning days.

Paid protection against cyber attacks

The Azerbaijan’s leading company Delta Telecom also intends to make a new paid system of protection against DDoS-attacks for the private sector, Rzayev said.

Protection will be organized at the level of software and hardware systems Arbor Networks.

He said the first protection system will be available for public entities to secure their servers and infrastructure.

"Services provided today to protect against DDoS-attacks are available for structures hosting the server in our DATA-center. Once the new infrastructure is used in the complexes Arbor Networks, protection service will be available for everyone in the long term," Rzayev noted.

This service will be interesting for companies that attach great importance to the sustainability of their infrastructures, namely financial structures with multi-million turnover, he added. "This kind of services would cost them a lot cheaper than building their own systems for the enormous sums of money."

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