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Azerbaijan's pragmatic approach: Leveraging oil revenue for green energy transition

8 June 2024 08:30 (UTC+04:00)
Azerbaijan's pragmatic approach: Leveraging oil revenue for green energy transition
Ulviyya Shahin
Ulviyya Shahin
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At the recent Baku Energy Forum, Gary Jones, regional president of bp for Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkiye, reflected on Azerbaijan's remarkable journey since the advent of the "Contract of the Century" three decades ago. He emphasized the country's prudent utilization of oil export revenues to drive green energy initiatives, marking a significant shift towards sustainability.

Azernews explores how Azerbaijan's pragmatic approach, as highlighted by Jones and supported by international expert Patrick Walsh's commentary, exemplifies a model for navigating the transition to a greener future.

Jones' remarks underscored the global reliance on oil and gas while stressing the need to bolster green energy production. He commended Azerbaijan's energy strategy, particularly its role in enhancing Europe's energy security through key projects like TANAP, TAP, Southern Gas Corridor, and various pipelines. Notably, he announced bp's $200 million investment in solar electricity production in Jabrayil and Nakhchivan, emphasizing both domestic energy needs and global market contributions.

The international analyst, and author of books on Britain, Turkiye, and the South Caucasus, Dr. Patrick Walsh's commentary echoes Jones' sentiments, emphasizing the practicality of addressing climate change and advocating for a managed transition.

"It is very important that climate change is addressed in a practical and realisable manner. It is undeniable that action needs to be taken but this action needs to be functional rather than ideologically driven. In other words, there needs to be a managed transition that is universally applied and utilises all sectors of society, public and private, to make the maximum gains. Partnerships between the state and private sector are required for success.."

According to him, the state can provide subsidies and incentives to businesses as well as regulate the market to eliminate pollution and degradation of ecosystems.

"The private sector needs incentives and regulations to direct the transition. Azerbaijan in using the revenue produced by the fossil fuel industry to drive the transition is acting in the most practical way to accomplish progress."

"Ideological sloganising from some quarters of the environmental lobby is of little practical value without realisable objectives which support current living standards of populations. Without popular collaboration from individuals, the private sector, and governments there will be no transition to a greener world," he concluded.

Azerbaijan's approach to the energy transition serves as a blueprint for other nations seeking to navigate the complexities of climate action. By prioritizing practicality and collaboration, Azerbaijan demonstrates that sustainability can be achieved without sacrificing economic progress. As the world grapples with the challenges of climate change, Azerbaijan's example offers valuable insights into forging a path towards a greener future.


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