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Madame Anne Boillon struggles to conceal France's terror history

9 April 2024 20:45 (UTC+04:00)
Madame Anne Boillon struggles to conceal France's terror history
Qabil Ashirov
Qabil Ashirov
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The ridiculous post shared by Anne Boillon, the ambassador of France to Azerbaijan, on her official X account caused chuckles to many not only in Azerbaijan but in the world.

In her post, she noted that since she represents France, she cannot remain silent when the head of her state is accused of financing terrorism. It seems either she does not know the history, or she just goes the extra mile to hide the facts, or she plays the game that Western countries love to play. If she does not know the history, we have no option but to teach her or at least remind her of some facts.

First of all, the word terror was minted in France during the French Revolution. The then-French government actively used terror against its rivals.

Besides, the history of France is filled with support for terrorist organisations. One of them is the Armenian Secret Army for Liberating Armenia (ASALA). As is known, the organisation was created in Palestinian camps in Beirut, Lebanon. The organisation conducted a number of terror acts against Turkish citizens. However, when Israel occupied Beirut, the organisation was forced to leave Lebanon. Guess which country opened its borders to ASALA? It was the same country that Anne Boillon claims does not finance terrorism. Soon, ASALA opened its camps in France and continued its terror attacks.

Despite all claims of Turkiye, France did not stop supporting ASALA by playing its dirty game. Under certain pretexts, France refused to hand terrorists over Turkiye. The honeymoon between ASALA and Paris continued to the date when ASALA conducted terror attacks in Orly airport in 1983. The Armenian terror organisation killed eight people in Orly. Right after the terror attack, the so-called “liberation army” turned into a terror organisation, and Paris arrested the members, including the second person, Monte Melkonyan, of ASALA, and closed all camps.

When the Soviet Union collapsed and the Garabagh conflict erupted, Paris forgot about the deaths of its eight people and released the heads of terrorists. Monte came to Garabagh and carried out his terror activities there. Hundreds of people in Khojaly and other towns in Garabagh were killed by the terrorist, whom France released.

Besides, it was the parliament of France that, on the one hand, recognised the separatist so-called “artsakh” republic and, on the other hand, denounced the separatist movement in Donbas. Separatists in Ukraine are terrorists or criminals for Paris, but not the separatists in Garabagh. The members of the Garabagh separatists visited France several times, and French officials met them sincerely. Furthermore, the French media praised the separatists. Unfortunately, neither the media nor society spoke about the people whom the same separatists brutally killed. Even the mayor of Paris raised the flag of the separatists.

Paris has not limited itself to only supporting Armenian terrorists. It is well known that the members of the Kurdish terror organisation PKK live in France. Paris does not bother itself to arrest them and hand them over to Turkiye. Besides, France was one of the Western countries that destabilised Syria and Libya. Even the Western media claimed that the active and well-known members of ISIS terrorist organisations graduated from universities in Western countries, including France.

Frankly speaking, I do not believe that Anne Boillon is not aware of these facts; she only plays the dirty game of colonialist and imperialist countries. The rule of the game is very simple: to call terrorist organisations liberators and support them when Paris needs them. When Paris does not need them anymore, they call them terrorists and start hunting them. However, one should remember that this dirty game will not work against Azerbaijan.


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