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Macron, being object of criticism in Europe, drags Armenia down its path

7 March 2024 19:00 (UTC+04:00)
Macron, being object of criticism in Europe, drags Armenia down its path
Fatima Latifova
Fatima Latifova
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French President Emmanuel Macron's proposal to send NATO troops into the Ukrainian war last week shows how reckless and incompetent he is in politics.

With such decisions, Macron is ruining the name of his country, and putting himself in a ridiculous situation in the political arena. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, lots of French political elites, including Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leader of Insoumise La France, Olivier Faure, First Secretary of the Socialist Party, Florian Filippo, leader of the Patriots party, strongly condemned him and declared how stupid his proposals and steps were, in their views.

It seems that Macron himself understood that his speech was much ado about nothing, so he accepted that he did not voice this opinion seriously. In doing so, he demonstrated his "seriousness" and "logic" towards politics.

However, Emmanuel Macron still does not understand that sending the NATO army to Ukraine will make other members, including France, an open target for Russia. Although the ruling classes think that Russia does not have the power it used to have, it is undeniable that Putin's government can easily eliminate these countries one by one.

On the other hand, it is clear that no other NATO member country will start a war with Russia precisely because of Ukraine, and will not take this risk. Although France, which proposed the idea, has one of the most powerful armies in the world, it cannot stand in front of a country like Russia either in terms of army or finances.

For a simple example, Russia's war budget is 109 billion dollars, while in France it is 49 billion dollars. While Russia has more than 4,200 warplanes, France has less than 1,000, etc. In general, we see that France cannot fight against Russia.

It is no coincidence that Sergei Chekov, a senator of the Russian Federation Council, responded French President by saying that Macron is increasing the risk of the conflict moving to French territory, and he threatened the West. The Russian official also said that he hoped that European nations would stop these "crazy" politicians.

With this move, it is beginning to look unbelievable that Macron will continue until the next elections. The fact that Macron has not resolved the problems within his country, and on the other hand has become the target of criticism of Germany and Eastern Europe on a general European scale, is a serious blow to his career until 2026.

The Elysée had briefed journalists that at the press conference Macron would outline his goals for the next three years of his second mandate that has been punctuated by protests over fiercely contested pension and immigration legislation and the loss of his government’s parliamentary majority. However, critics described Macron’s promised reset as “outdated”, “reactionary” and “self-satisfied”.

Marine Tondelier, the national secretary of France’s Green party, EELV, said it was the speech of a “reactionary technocrat” that was “scary … and old fashioned”.

“Macron sidestepped all the issues that interest the French: rising electricity prices, the ecological crisis, housing, job insecurity,” Tondelier said.

Clémentine Autain, of the hard-left La France Insoumise (France Unbowed), said Macron was “a president in crisis, out of breath but as self-satisfied as ever”.

Anne-Cecile Mailfert, head of the Women’s Foundation, criticised Macron’s plans for “demographic rearmament” to revive France’s sluggish birth rate, saying on X, formerly Twitter: “Leave our uteruses alone.”

The CIDFF, an association that helps women and families, expressed “deep concern.” “The implementation of natalist policies, profoundly contrary to the autonomy of women, constitutes a worrying political and social regression,” it said.

Marine Le Pen, of the far-right Rassemblement National, dismissed the conference as “just another interminable chit chat”.

Éric Ciotti, the leader of Les Républicains from whose party Macron has lured a number of ministers, tweeted: “Emmanuel Macron announced a ‘great meeting with the nation’. It was nothing. Once again, he is promising wonders.”

Ciotti claimed he came up with the “France remaining France” slogan in 2021. He has also warned Dati, the former justice minister under conservative president Nicolas Sarkozy, that she will be expelled from the party for accepting the post in Macron’s government.

Polls suggest Renaissance, which has allied with the centrist MoDem party and and the former prime minister Édouard Philippe’s centre-right Horizons party for the European election, is trailing up to 10 percentage points behind Rassemblement National for the vote.

Away from domestic issues, Macron said he would travel to Ukraine in February to finalise a bilateral security guarantee deal and Paris would deliver more sophisticated weaponry in the coming weeks. He warned that Russia could not be allowed to defeat Ukraine as it would put the security of Europe at risk.

Nevertheless, it is a fiasco for the West that France, which has fallen into a disgraceful position in front of the whole world, drags the whole of Europe down its path. What a shame that a country that makes such mistakes in politics wants to have a say in the Garabagh issue, and for this, it sends arms and ammunition to Armenia and advises Pashinyan's government on political issues.

The countries that declare themselves as enemies of Azerbaijan are too weak to be considered real enemies. Especially on the eve of President Ilham Aliyev's inauguration speech last month, the provocations committed on the border with Azerbaijan at a time when the peace process is ongoing and the war is over, and the illogical steps taken by Armenia are proof that it has the same mindset as its loyal friend France.

However, it seems that the Armenian government is also worried that the ties it has created with France will not be permanent.

Immediately after the Munich conference, Pashinyan began to seek patrons in Greece and Canada and demanded more support from the countries of the world.

Considering that Pashinyan is now disrespected in the region, like Macron, it is expected that these two countries can prepare new plans to redeem themselves and resort to provocations and baseless speeches to divert attention.

In any case, Azerbaijan will defend its rights both on the battlefield and in the political arena, and will not give an opportunity to states like Armenia and France to think otherwise.


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