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Armenians launch campaign against diplomats in good relations with Azerbaijan

24 January 2024 12:44 (UTC+04:00)
Armenians launch campaign against diplomats in good relations with Azerbaijan
Qabil Ashirov
Qabil Ashirov
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Armenian lobby continues to play a dirty game by conducting lynching campaign against diplomats and politicians who has good relations with Azerbaijan. The last such incident happened a few days ago when the Israeli ambassador to Azerbaijan George Deek paid tribute to Azerbaijani 20-January martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the independence of the country. On the same day, an Israeli diplomat visited the graves of Vahid Azizov, whose grandson was killed by Hamas during the October 7 gunned attacks, and Jewish-born Azerbaijani martyr Albert Aqarunov.

This noble behavior of the Israeli diplomat was subjected to groundless accusations and criticisms of the Armenian lobby. Following the noble action of the Diplomat, the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) shared a post on its X account and denounced him. The post recalled that George Deek has an Armenian root but he stands with Azerbaijan.

Frankly speaking, such a post of ANCA has been welcomed by Azerbaijanis because (firstly) the lobby exposed the villain character of Armenians unknowingly, and (secondly) it proved once again that all Armenian accusations against Azerbaijan are baseless. Thus, several years ago George Deek shared a post on his then-twitter account and announced that he has an Armenian root. However, he is one of the most beloved foreign diplomats in Azerbaijan. Openly speaking, he has managed to win the love of Azerbaijanis by his pro-Azerbaijan attitude and noble behavior toward Azerbaijanis. The good relationship between a diplomat with Armenian roots and Azerbaijani people demonstrates that any conflict based on ethnicity is out of the question in multi-cultural and multi-national Azerbaijan. It once again proves that Azerbaijanis are ready to embrace anybody who talks about peace not war. At the same time, it also confirms that Armenians are racist. The world for them divided into two parts Armenians and enemies. ANCA's action proves that Armenians do not want to restore relations with Azerbaijan. On the contrary, they lynch anyone having a connection with Armenians who tries to have normal relations with Azerbaijan.

ANCA was not limited to sharing a post but also tagged the Armenian community in Jerusalem. The intention is obvious: they want to pressure the Israeli government by drawing the Armenian community into the process.

Besides, it is worth noting that Armenians are obsessed with Azerbaijani–Israeli relations. They go the extra mile to deteriorate this relationship.

Speaking to Azernews on the issue, Dean Shmuel Elmas, Geopolitics and Energy Analyst, Globes, said that this is a very funny issue, honestly, because the Israelis don't care about Armenia, but the Armenians are so obsessed about us. He noted that Armenians dislike Israel because of its very successful relations with Azerbaijan. Secondly, Armenians are very happy to see the Israeli war, that Iran is the "producer" of their terrorist puppets such as the Houthis, Hamas, and the Islamic Jihad.

“Mr. Deek is a great example of why the Armenians are afraid. He does a tremendous job in Baku and took the Israeli-Azerbaijani relations to new records. Moreover, we see the significant value of Ambassador Mammadov in Israel. These two gentlemen show us that the sky is not the limit for the Israeli-Azerbaijani relations,” Dean Shmuel Elmas said.

The analyst touched upon the Armenian community in Israel and pointed out that the community is very small and they have power for nothing. He added that Armenians, especially those who live in America, live in dreams and they lost connection with the real world.

“Some pathetic guys from ANCA responded to my tweets during the last years, and I saw one main common thing: They don't care about reality, about facts. They made their own story and talked about it like a reality. They are tweeting things that sometimes I don't get how they even imagined about them,” Dean Shmuel Elmas concluded.


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