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New era in Azerbaijan's economy: every work done in Garabagh leads us to our goals

13 October 2023 08:30 (UTC+04:00)
New era in Azerbaijan's economy: every work done in Garabagh leads us to our goals
Qabil Ashirov
Qabil Ashirov
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Azerbaijan's restoration of full sovereignty over its territories played a tremendous role in eliminating the criminal situation in the region, restoring stability, as well as reviving the national economy and international trade. It is crystal clear that Armenians used invaded territories as a grey zone. That was actively used in drug trafficking, and it served as a camp for different criminal elements. After liberating the territories, hectares of marijuana plantations have been identified in the region. Thus, Azerbaijan has not only reclaimed its territories but also cut the money sources of illegal groups.

Besides, Azerbaijan actively conducts restoration works in the territory and aims to resettle the region. Of course, it will also have big positive impacts on the economy, especially in the agriculture sector.

Moreover, Azerbaijan started an initiative for the Zangazur corridor which is a part of the Middle Corridor. With the opening of the Zangazur corridor, transportation will be more easy and speedy. For this purpose, Azerbaijan continues carrying out infrastructure work in the Grabagh economic region and East Zanagazur. So, the region is very promising, and day by day and inch by inch we get closer to the moment of achieving better results.

Speaking to Azernews on the issue, political expert Natig Jafarli noted that during the Armenian occupation of Azerbaijani territories, the areas in the region used to remain as a gray zone under the control of no one, but separatist and terrorist regime with no legal responsibility.

“Also, considering that it is on the border of Iran, the territory has almost turned into a black hole. Here, a number of goods, including drugs, were suspected of being trafficked as illegal goods. Now that Azerbaijan has restored its territorial integrity, uncontrolled gray zones have been completely eliminated, and in this sense, Azerbaijan has also taken steps to prevent international criminal networks and routes. It was also a very successful event. This move was not only a successful move for Azerbaijan but also a heavy blow to international criminal networks,” he said.

As for IDPs’ returning to their homelands, the economist noted that it is an important issue. He said 100,000 people will return in the near future, but it is expected that the figure will increase. As is known, there are over one million IDPs in Azerbaijan.

“20 percent of the land has been freed from occupation, it would be more logical for 10 percent of the population to move and live in those regions. This will also contribute to reducing congestion in big cities. Probably, special programs will be adopted in this regard. This is the beginning of a new era in the economy of Azerbaijan, because, until today, the development prospects and a driving force of our economy was precisely the energy - oil and gas sector. After that, turning the liberated regions into an economic area can become a new impetus for the economy of Azerbaijan. It is not only about the agricultural sector. This includes tourism, production of industrial products, agricultural processing, exploitation of minerals in that region in accordance with the rules, and so on. All these are important for the economy of Azerbaijan,” he opined.

He also touched on the construction of internationally important infrastructure and pointed out that it will be a part of the middle corridor proposed by Azerbaijan and the road that will pass through Zangazur, and go to Turkiye and beyond, is quite important.

“In today's chaotic world, alternative logistics routes are an area that is within everyone's dream. It should also be noted that this issue is quite serious. If new international logistics routes are expected to pass through Azerbaijan, this will open up new horizons and new opportunities for the country, and it can also become a link in the chain that ensures safe and faster circulation of international cargo transportation. Azerbaijan can play a major role in becoming a regional transit hub,” Natig Jafarly underlined.


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