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Expert says Armenia part of West's blockade policy against Russia

17 February 2015 17:34 (UTC+04:00)
Expert says Armenia part of West's blockade policy against Russia

By Mushvig Mehdiyev

Armenia is seemingly turning into a "testing zone" as the Western forces and Russia are matching their strength in a cold war battlefield.

The South Caucasus country is known well for its unshakeable ties with Russia since the very old times. The northern giant's patronization observed in Armenia's domestic and foreign policy has formed the image of its tiny southern neighbor. Armenia is now a member of the Eurasian Economic Union, which is viewed as Russian leader Vladimir Putin's alternative to the European Union.

But during the recent days the country saw a serious activity of the opposition forces, who are also against the bondage with the EEU.

Some experts believe that the firing brawl between the authorities and opposition poses a threat to Armenia's EEU membership. The tragedy in Gyumri and the government's confession to an economic downfall following the activization of the EEU agreement are reportedly put among the reasons to storm the dependence on Russia.

Some very deep processes are developing in the South Caucasus region recently, which can at any moment change the whole field of traditional regional relations. The U.S. is now feeding a desire to "absorb" the post-Soviet countries in an effort to involve them in a struggle against Russia. The White House is also conducting a policy to improve relations with Iran, amidst its deteriorating relations with Russia.

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Seyfettin Erol, Turkish Gazi University Associate and Founder of the Center for the International Strategy and Security Studies, told AzerNews that Armenia's membership at the EEU has seemingly started a period of "color revolutions" in the country.

"The recent developments in Armenia could be viewed as part of the West's blockade policy against Russia. As for the West, Armenia is an unfinished issue in the South Caucasus. The ongoing events in the country do not concern Sargsyan. It is all about the West-Russia power struggle," he said.

Prof. Dr. Erol believes that Armenia is a tool for the Western powers to siege Russia in the back amid the crisis in Ukraine.

"Some similar developments are not ruled out in Armenia because of the crisis in Ukraine. West is trying to give a message to Russia over Armenia," he added.

Some experts claim that Armenia is given the role of a "new Israel" in the West's plans about the region. Armenia's heavy dependence on Russia and its membership at the EEU are obviously the major factors impeding those plans. If the situation is not eased, the Western forces will turn to alternative options such as change of power, believes the experts.

Vladimir Yevseev, a famous Russian political expert, said the ongoing destabilization process in Armenia could be seriously beneficial for the Western forces to grab the country from Russia.

Russia is now managing to keep its influence on Armenia via the parties and groups loyal to it. But the events could make a U-turn given Russia's extreme efforts to take care of its own political and economic skills amid the critical dispute with the West, which could result in an appearance of a new patronage over Armenia.

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