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Lemkin Institute has yet to respond regarding Armenian criminals in Baku prison

9 June 2024 17:55 (UTC+04:00)
Lemkin Institute has yet to respond regarding Armenian criminals in Baku prison

By Farman Aydin, AZERNEWS

As Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan takes sound steps in the peace issue, external pressures against Yerevan are starting to increase. First of all, the delimitation and demarcation of the borders, then the return of 4 occupied villages to Azerbaijan, positive progress in the peace issue after the Alma-Ata meeting, and finally Armenia's support for the COP29 international event, which will be held in Baku in November this year, have driven both the Armenian lobby and the opposition forces totally crazy. This is a trend towards madness among the opposition and lobbyists in the truest sense of the word.

The Lemkin Institute, a non-governmental organization established in Pennsylvania and named after the Polish Rafael Lemkin, has long been popular with its anti-Azerbaijan propaganda and rhetoric. The American-Armenian diaspora has been cooperating for a long time, and it is no secret that the manipulation and propaganda operating from America are aimed at inciting hatred in the masses of some radical Armenians.

The institute’s core mission in preventing "genocide" was greatly influenced by World War I and its aftermath. However, in choosing a nation subjected to genocide, Lemkin, the founder, unfortunately, purely chose the "crusaders", turning a blind eye to the rest of the world, subjected to genocide and ethnic cleansing. Certainly, he has not forgotten the Armenians, in every possible way there are references to the "genocide of Armenians" at the hands of the Turks, and we all know the "narrative" that Armenians have been voicing for years on every platform.
Again, the Institute is "disappointed" with the decision of the Armenian authority to support the global event to take place in Azerbaijan which is under the spotlight of the world in terms of its global initiatives and contributions to climate activity.

The radical institution, which once again appealed to the UN based on absurd claims, spoke about the rights of criminal separatist leaders imprisoned in Baku. First, human rights is a sensitive issue, and separatist elements in Baku prison have yet to respond. It is completely against the law to approach a criminal like Araik Harutyunan, who threatened the civilian population with rocket attacks during the Second Garabagh War in 2020, from the standpoint of human rights. Has Ruben Vardanyan, a failed project of Russia, paid the price for the crime he committed by illegally provoking the people in the territory of another state? The Lemkin Institute does not seem to want to answer these questions.

The hypocritical Lemkin Institute continues to play a double game, and if only a certain amount of contribution is made to the treasury, then at the whim of Armenians they will talk about genocide and find a reason for propaganda. It is necessary to remind the Institute about the natives of Pennsylvania, who once in the past inhabited these lands and lived in peace until the policy of colonising and ethnic cleansing of the powerful countries brought misfortune to the inhabitants. The first genocide worth mentioning to the Institute is that of the Delaware, Susquehannock, and Shawnee Indians, the original inhabitants of the land on which "Americans" settled. By 1776, the Swedes and Dutch had replaced and settled the indigenous inhabitants.

This is a little gist about the institute that is now anxious about the current progress in the South Caucasus. Most likely, the propaganda of Armenians will intensify until they sign a peace treaty with Azerbaijan. Being in harmony with the Armenian churches, the institute tries to instigate the conflict that only gives them pleasure. However, they forget that the peace they want to prevent is a joint step taken not only for Azerbaijan, but also for the safe future of all Caucasian peoples.


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