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EU mission may have hand in Armenian provocation, says CSO head

13 February 2024 17:45 (UTC+04:00)
EU mission may have hand in Armenian provocation, says CSO head
Fatime Letifova
Fatime Letifova
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"I believe that the European Union mission may have a hand in the latest Armenian provocation," Gunel Safarova, head of the "Citizen" Research and Development Public Union, said in her comment to Azernews, about the Armenian Armed Forces' attack on Azerbaijani Army positions.

It is worth noting that on February 12, at 20:50 and 23:40, Armenian Armed Forces' units from positions in the direction of the Chinarli settlement in the Tovuzgali region subjected the positions of the Azerbaijani Army in the direction of Kokhanabi settlement in the Tovuz region to small arms fire. On the same day, as a result of another military provocation by the Armenian Armed Forces, a serviceman of the State Border Service of Azerbaijan was wounded.

Gunel Safarova said that since the European Union mission was deployed to the borders of Armenia, they did not only observe. According to the expert, EU observers also fulfil the tasks of their patrons in the West, who gave them a mandate.

"We know that there are more French experts in the mission, and we have seen France's approach to the situation in the South Caucasus in the steps taken in support of Armenia in the OSCE Minsk Group for many years, in their groundless post-war statements, and at UN Security Council meetings."

She added that today, the mission has gone beyond the scope of the monitoring and border control mechanisms.

"Although, in terms of legislation, there were UN Security Council resolutions and mission groups created in this regard, we did not see any concrete steps being taken against Armenian aggression.

A serviceman of the Azerbaijan State Border Service was wounded as a result of another military provocation by the Armenian Armed Forces. That shows that this mission also has a hand in the implementation of this provocation," Safarova added.

Following the splendid victory of Azerbaijan in the Patriotic War, Armenia took a lot of provocative steps. Azerbaijan mentioned in diplomatic meetings and separate discussions that this mission would act as a camouflage for future provocations by Armenia, and we were right.

However, the West's role in the area should have been to eliminate the actions that Armenia's aggressive policy committed from an economic, environmental, and human rights perspective and inflicted on Azerbaijan and the South Caucasus.

But after the conflict is over in the entire Garabagh region, the 180-degree change in the West's position does not correspond to the concept of human rights protection that they have turned into a flag in their hands. Does the protection of human rights include environmental terrorism or health rights violations?

The Armenian government must understand that there is one and only country that they can go to the dialogue and make a peace agreement, and it is Azerbaijan. If they continue these provocations, the loser in any conflict will be Armenia again.


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