Kazakhstan to apply new anti-corruption system

A new system of state service and fighting corruption will be introduced in Kazakhstan starting from January 1, 2017, said the article of Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev published by the Foreign Ministry.

Under the new law on civil service, admission to the state service will be possible as a result of a complex selection and only from local posts. Civil servants will be promoted based on their work experience and only through competition.

Managers of private sector and foreign managers may be attracted to civil service through an open competition.

A new system of remuneration of civil servants is being introduced, which is based on their competence and results of activity depending on the nature, scope and results of work done by them.

The change of political civil servants won’t affect the state apparatus, and powers of ministers and responsible secretaries of central executive bodies have been delineated in detail, according to the law.

Strict measures to prevent the conditions that give rise to cases of corruption among officials are provided.

The norms of the law on state service will be extended to law enforcement agencies as well.

Civil servants will be certified for their compliance with the new qualification requirements. Qualification of employees must be increased at least once every 3 years.


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