Natavan gallery to host “Chasing the light” expo

By Laman Ismayilova

Baku’s Natavan gallery will host a photo exhibition titled “Chasing the light” by Azerbaijani photographer Mark Rafaelov on March30, Trend Life reports.

The event, scheduled for 7 p.m., will feature pictures taken with a smartphone camera.

Rafaelov, commenting on the project, spoke about technological progress and its impact on modern society.

“When the first device recognizable as a smartphone was presented, I understood that everything that I’ve been taught at the Academy or trainings have lost its importance and means nothing at all. Today, everyone can afford to buy a device with camera to shoot high-quality photos without any knowledge's of coloristic, photography skills and experience... Photojournalism is gradually losing its meaning, because any tourist with smartphone can leave behind a professional photographer. Quantity takes precedence over quality", he said.

However, Rafaelov admits that as time passes, his aversion disappeared and as a result he had bought the first smartphone.

"Firstly, I reluctantly shot everything that seemed more or less interesting. A little later I appreciated my ability to shoot in any situation, regardless of whether I have a photo camera with me or not. Moreover, I could easily find a place and time on all photos made with smartphone that was certainly a huge plus. The quality has gradually returned to the first place. And sometimes, smartphone helps us to take picture where it's banned or when we just don't have time to prepare the camera," said the photographer.


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