Museyib Amirov's solo exhibition opens in Baku

By Nigar Orujova

A solo exhibition by famous Azerbaijani artist Museyib Amirov opened on February 28.

Held in YAY Gallery in Baku, the "Two States of Being" exhibition will showcase the works of Amirov, whose artworks have already been exhibited in many museums and private collections around the world, including the USA, France, Germany, and Lithuania until March 19.

There are always two alternating states of being - peace and commotion- in the world. Each day, we find ourselves travelling a road that leads from the secure stability of the past into the uncertainty of the future and this motion is what we call life...

This exhibition sprang to life somewhere at the crossroads of times, where the bustling, noisy present and the past steeped in a misty romance intersect.

Museyib Amirov, 50, is the son of the highly respected artist Arif Amirov. A graduate of Azerbaijan's State University of the Arts, Museib Amirov has previously taught "Experimental art" in the Azerbaijani Academy of Arts.

The artist conveys the dynamism and vibrant beauty of the present day by using heavy and deep brush strokes.

Hordes of human beings burdened with neuroses and worries run between madly speeding cars while the dark sky above their heads swarms with buzzing helicopters.

There is nowhere to escape from this buzz; nowhere to hide from the obsessions and compulsive thoughts that pursue the modern man tied to smart gadgets, and enslaving technologies.

Civilization, spurred on by its own desires and ambitions, is dashing headlong somewhere, strangely resembling a great ship hurtling aimlessly into storm and fog.

"Two states of being" is embodied by the author in golden and azure hues. Summer landscapes are interspersed with dozens of images and subjects that go back to childhood.

Amirov has succeeded in reconciling us with the need to live simultaneously in the past and the present, repenting and rejoicing, remembering and hoping.

Museyib Amirov is a dreamer, cherishing a touching faith in the idea of creating a gigantic iron bird that is capable of leading dreamers like himself into the skies over Absheron.

Amirov is a workaholic who does not believe in the need for inspiration; a creative recluse, who, by his own acknowledgment, is unable to leave his workshop for months at a time, and a person with an amazing number of friends prepared to do anything for him.

All the profits from the artwork sales will go to the non-profit organisation YARAT, which funds and supports artists and their projects. The gallery holds regular lectures, video presentations, and master-classes.