Metsamor NPP

EU: Armenia's NPP must be shut down

Armenia's Metsamor nuclear power plant (NPP), which can be regarded as the main threat to the regional environment and people’s lives, still continues operating. A number of international organizations and experts have been voicing concern about this, but the country’s government still turns deaf ear to these warnings.
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Armenia's Metsamor NPP - ticking time bomb of region

The South Caucasus is a mountainous region where the seismic activity is considerably high. Due to this reason, the operation of large industrial facilities is very risky for the life of millions of people living in the region and beyond. Despite this, Armenia still operates its outdated Metsamor nuclear power plant, which was built more than 40 years ago.
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EU again requires Armenia to close Metsamor NPP

For years, many environmental experts have been noting that the Metsamor nuclear power plant (NPP) in Armenia is the main threat to the regional environment and people’s lives. Unfortunately, the plant that outlived its usefulness still continues its operation as the Armenian government refuses to close it despite the constant calls from international organizations.
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