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Turkish aerospace company buys world's largest 3D printer

27 January 2022 13:44 (UTC+04:00)
Turkish aerospace company buys world's largest 3D printer

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Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) has purchased the world's largest metal electron beam 3D printer, the EBAM 300 Series, Yeni Shafak newspaper has reported.

The U.S-based company Sciaky announced that TAI had ordered the world's largest metal electron beam 3D printer, the report added.

The company purchased the 3D Printer for use in the National Combat Aircraft (MMU) Project because the world's largest printer can 3D print 6-meter-long titanium aircraft parts.

A large number of titanium parts will be used in the National Combat Aircraft (MMU), Turkey's largest defence industry project. TAI will use a three-dimensional printer to create a 5x7 meter titanium piece under a vacuum.

The National Combat Aircraft is scheduled to fly for the first time in 2025 or 2026, enter the Turkish Air Force Command's inventory in 2029, and reach initial operational capacity by the early 2030s.

TAI and Sciaky's contract calls for collaboration on a number of projects aimed at optimizing TAI's use of EBAM machinery and technology.

The 3D printer that will be installed at TAI's Kahramankazan facilities will be capable of printing parts up to 6 meters long, 2 meters wide, and 1.8 meters high. For large-scale welding operations, the 3D printer can quickly switch to an Electron Beam Welder (EBW).

EBAM 3D printer systems, according to Sciaky Company President Scott Phillips, are the world's best-selling, large-scale metal 3D printers with parts approved for land, sea, air, and aerospace applications.

Turkish Aerospace Inc. is Turkey's technological epicenter for design, development, manufacturing, aerospace system integration, modernization, and after-sales support.

The Turkish Aerospace Production Plant in Ankara is 5 million square meters in size and includes a 150,000-square-meter industrial building. The company has a sophisticated aircraft facility equipped with cutting-edge machinery and equipment that enables it to perform a wide range of production tasks, including part fabrication, aircraft assembly, flight testing, and delivery.

As of 2010, Turkish Aerospace employed approximately 1,500 engineers, with over 850 of them working on military research projects as research and development engineers.


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