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TABIB recommends children be vaccinated against measles [COMMENTARY]

1 December 2023 16:35 (UTC+04:00)
TABIB recommends children be vaccinated against measles [COMMENTARY]
Nigar Hasanova
Nigar Hasanova
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Azerbaijan's Community Health Centre, TABIB, has announced the measles outbreak in Azerbaijan. The reports confirm that there has been a recent rise in measles cases in the country.

When looking through the statistics, there have been years when there haven't been any infections. The year with the most cases was 2018, but this year, the number of infected school and kindergarten-aged unvaccinated children has also increased. All regions, including Baku and Sumgait, are prepared for the spread of the infection.

According to TABIB, there are enough available beds in hospitals to cure infected patients and all the tools required to manage any complications.

"Currently, there are 1400 beds in the 17 infectious disease departments that are located in Baku, 2 in Sumgait, and 48 in the regions where TABIB operates," the Centre informed.

Further, in these cases, patients are admitted to the lower-level medical facilities of TABIB and are treated there after receiving treatment in the infectious disease units. Treatment costs are covered by the required medical insurance's Service Envelope.

The subject of measles is more than just a straightforward infectious disease with a rash. Measles is an acute illness that can infect 90% of people in close quarters and is extremely contagious. The primary cause of the disease's spread is that children who should have been vaccinated during the COVID-19 pandemic were not able to do so because of containment measures.

Doctors say that babies born prematurely or with low birth weights can be the result of unvaccinated pregnant mothers. TABIB also dispelled the myths that were circulating around that prevented people from choosing to get vaccinated. The most recent rumour to circulate among the public, according to the information, was that there was no connection between autism and vaccines.

"There is no link between autism and the MMR vaccine, according to research done in many different nations," TABIB said.

"Immunisation is the most effective means of preventing measles. Antibiotic use is not advised as a preventative measure for measles in adults or children. Measles patients should only receive antibiotic therapy if a secondary bacterial infection is suspected in more complex cases. Vaccines are safe and the most effective choice because they can prevent a lot of diseases for which there is currently no effective treatment. The combined measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine is administered in two doses at ages one and six in accordance with the national vaccination schedule" TABIB said.

According to a further report provided by TABIB, at least four weeks before conception, women who are not immune to measles and who intend to become pregnant should have one dose of the MMR vaccine.

Besides, TABIB recommends contacting the Centre in the event of an epidemic outbreak or in case of feeling the symptoms of the infection. A number of times, those who are infected may develop complications related to the disease. These include intestinal issues, pneumonia, encephalitis, otitis media, meningitis, etc.


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