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Countries colonised by France are rising up - Corsicans for freedom

5 February 2024 19:31 (UTC+04:00)
Countries colonised by France are rising up - Corsicans for freedom
Abbas Ganbay
Abbas Ganbay
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I woke up, read local news sites...

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the French Republic to the Republic of Azerbaijan Ann Bouillon wrote the following words in her "X" account: "I woke up and read local news sites. It looks like there are elections in Corsica. And I didn't know about it."

Armenian news sites reacted with a snide chuckle, as if it were written and voiced sarcastically. It depends on how to read it. Armenian minds read their inner voice this way.

Anne Bouillon, the French Ambassador to Azerbaijan, was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2022 to hand over a protest note addressed to the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. The protest note contained and expressed deep concern about the expansion and continuation of open slander and prejudice towards Azerbaijan by French political forces, which continues to this day.

In this context, it was stated that in the letter sent to the French President on behalf of the leaders of the political forces represented in the French Parliament at that time (2022), it is unacceptable to make unfounded accusations against Azerbaijan and call for steps that represent an encroachment on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

Unlike France, which acts based on the ideology of "Laws of the Jungle," Azerbaijan played smarter and undertook to defend and help promote important issues of freedom and the protection of human rights in the countries colonised by France.

It should be reminded that the secretary of the party "Popular Unity for the Liberation of Guadeloupe," Jean-Jacob Bissep, made a statement on the occasion of the establishment of a national party in Corsica on the issue of decolonisation and the independence of Corsica.

While France's policy and commitment to its depletion of colonised countries is waning with the example of Africa, most colonised unions have decided to take back their lives and freedoms of choice. Azerbaijan was the first to take the initiative to bring awareness to the globally significant problems of the peoples colonised by France.

For 30 years, Azerbaijan has been seeking justice and raising questions on all international platforms about the military occupation of Azerbaijani lands and the genocide committed by Armenian separatists against the Azerbaijani people. Time has shown that no authorised institution has coped with the tasks, and during this period (32 years), nothing more than discussion has been solved.

The French authorities were afraid to take responsibility and bear the consequences of the inhumane colonisation of the indigenous peoples and their inhabitants. Millions of people were killed and enslaved. People were sent to the mines for gold and precious crystals. If you think of Hitler's Germany, they acted in the same ways in Africa.

Perhaps that is why the French ambassador to Azerbaijan was surprised that the Corsicans decided to oppose and seek justice for their independence from French neo-colonialism. France, with its former influence in the world, would probably not have allowed this initiative of the Corsicans, but to please her, proverbs exist for a reason: what you sow is what you reap.

The Party of Popular Unity for the Liberation of Guadeloupe issued a statement saying that, despite the long struggle of the Corsican people, the French authorities continue repression and hostile policies. Thus, the French authorities do not recognise the reality of the existence of Corsica and its people, nor do they recognise the right of the Corsican people to self-determination.

On Sunday, January 28, 2024, several Corsican parties and organisations united to form a new Corsican political party to achieve independence for their country. While the elected members of the Corsican Assembly have declared their support for the Corsican autonomy project and their willingness to enter into negotiations with the French government, the members of the new party, believing that this path leads to a dead end, oppose it. In this context, their decision coincides with the position of the Polynesians.

"Having explored all avenues for a solution, France is doing everything it can to delay the process. The most determined sons of Corsica respond to this: "NO", "STOP". They do not accept the transformation of Corsica into a colony and the change in the composition of its population. At the same time, they demand the right to realize the right to self-determination. They call on the Corsican people to mobilize and use all means to secure their rights and independence.

The People's Unity Party for the Liberation of Guadeloupe expresses its full support to the activists who have united to raise the issue of Corsica and solidarity in their struggle for sovereignty.

As a reminder, the Baku Initiative Group strongly condemned the unlawful detention of pro-independence activists and their families by the French police after the successful holding of the founding meeting of the Nation movement.

In a statement, the Baku Initiative Group said:

"Around 700 people founded the Natsion movement in Corsica, bringing together pro-independence organizations and activists, reaffirming their current and future commitment to the struggle against colonial rule.

Just two days after Corsicans freely expressed their aspirations, on January 30, two Nacion activists were detained at the Borgou military camp. Their families and another activist were summoned to the Bastia police station in the afternoon.

The methods chosen by the French search and rescue team to detain the activists - kicking in doors, destroying homes, throwing parents to the ground right in front of their children - are shameful for a country that positions itself as the birthplace of human rights. Illegal police harassment continues and is aimed at terrorizing the Corsican people."

The French authorities are already reaping the fruits of what they have sown. The question is why France, called a democratic power, with its strong economy and power of influence, has not achieved the liberation of the peoples it colonised in the past. And what prevents it from doing so now?

Otherwise, with the help of Azerbaijan and its support, the overseas territories colonised by France and its countries will achieve justice and independence.


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