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Turkic World Days to bring all Turkic nations together in Kastamonu

8 June 2023 17:49 (UTC+04:00)
Turkic World Days to bring all Turkic nations together in Kastamonu

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Kastamonu Municipality is preparing for the magnificent opening of the 23rd Turkic World Days. Turkic World Days, which will be held with the participation of 23 different countries and Turani people in the Caucasus, Europe, and Asia, will be celebrated with great enthusiasm in the 100th anniversary of the Republic.

The Traditional Turkic World Days, which will last for three days in Kastamonu, the Turkish homeland of more than 900 years, will be held on 9-10-11 June at the Municipality Square, where concerts of many artists from 23 different countries, ancestral events, dance performances and visual shows will take place.

The Turkic World panel will be held on June 10 with the participation of academics from different countries of the world. In the panel, many subjects of Turkic culture such as Turkic history, archery and horsemanship will be discussed by academics. In addition, Cengiz Aytmatov, the sage of the steppe, will be commemorated on the 15th anniversary of his death as part of the events.

The Turkic World Days activities, which will last for three days, will start at 16.00 with the cortege march to be held from the Barracks Park to the Municipality Square.

The activities, which will be held with the participation of guests from 23 Turkic Republics and autonomous regions, will continue at the Municipality Square. On the first day of the event, after the dance performances of the teams from the Turkic States, the Atabeygazi Mehteran Team show, the Ali Kınık Concert, the drone and the fireworks show, the Kubat Concert will be held at 22.15.

The second day programs will start at 15.00 with an archery show. It will be Stage Performance by Guests of Turani Peoples at the Municipality Square as of 16.00, Dance shows, Panel on the Turkic World in memory of the 15th anniversary of Cengiz Aymatov's death at the Public Education Center, Cıltız Tannagaşeva concert, Kaya Kuzucu and the fireworks show, followed by the popular artist Bengü.

The third and last day of the Turkic World Days will start at 17.20 with dance performances to be held at the Municipality Square. After the Alperen Kekilli concert, there will be a fireworks show. At 21.15, Fire of Anatolia will perform its magnificent dances. The 23rd Turkic World Days activities will start at 22.00 and end with the concert of Burak Bulut & Kurtulus Kus, one of the popular young voices of the last period.

Expressing that they are very happy to host a program where the brothers will meet, Kastamonu Mayor Rahmi Galip Vidinlioglu stated that they will bring the Turkic World and Turkic Culture together in a big event and said, “Our ancient city Kastamonu is hosting an event that will go down in history for the 23rd time. Kastamonu, which is the indispensable city of the national struggle and the only district with a medal of independence, stands out as the most suitable platform for such a meeting with these features. This year, due to the 100th anniversary of our Republic, we wanted to implement the experience we have continued with a much wider scope. We will have guests coming from many regions far and near. We plan to repeat this event, which we have made traditional, with more participation every year.”


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