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Opel consults with Turkiye in decision-making processes - CEO

14 July 2022 17:32 (UTC+04:00)
Opel consults with Turkiye in decision-making processes - CEO

By Suayip Alabay

The German automotive giant Opel CEO Florian Huettl has stated that they consult with Turkiye in the decision-making processes, Yeni Shafak daily reports.

Huettl described Turkiye as the car maker's third motherland, adding that the German automobile manufacturer - Opel operates in 60 nations worldwide.

“We believe in Turkiye very much. Germany, Britain, and Turkiye are the most important countries in the decision-making processes," he stressed.

Huettl, who made his first trip to Turkiye shortly after taking office, stated that they consider the country as their homeland. Huettl stated that Turkiye is a significant nation in Opel's business operations, emphasizing that it is on par with Germany and the United Kingdom. Huettl also assessed Opel's performance in Turkiye and across the world, as well as new investments to be made.

“We could see that we were at home. We adore and cherish this location. Turkey assists us to decide where we want to be in the future. We consider Turkey not just as a market for Opel cars, but also as an integral element of our brand, in which we have a strong belief. When it comes to business procedures for Opel, we consult with our Turkish manager, Alpagut, our German manager, and our British manager. They all contribute collectively. We pay close attention to the Turkish market, more so than other nations,” Huettl underlined.

He also mentioned the raw material, chip, and inflation crises, all of which had a significant impact on automobile manufacturing.

“The economic crisis has clearly had an impact on production. We operate in extremely short bursts. We strive, for example, to identify very quick intermediate solutions. Until recently, we have generally been able to complete our work on schedule. Today, fighting inflation is a major concern, since the cost of everything continues to rise. However, we must share the costs in certain ways. We need to be able to lessen our reliance on raw resources. We are going through very hard times,” Huettl stressed.

He emphasized that Opel operates in 60 countries, including 30 in Europe, and that they are looking forwards to expanding this number.

“We launched our business in Chile and Latin America aggressively last year. Our operations in New Zealand will commence soon. We also offer research that is particular to Thailand. We are seeking new market opportunities,” Huettl said.


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