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Power paralysis observed in Armenia recently only worsened - political analyst

10 June 2021 13:39 (UTC+04:00)
Power paralysis observed in Armenia recently only worsened - political analyst

By Trend

The paralysis of power, which was observed in Armenia recently, has only worsened as a result of the pre-election struggle [parliamentary election in Armenia to be held on June 20] , political expert, Head of the South Caucasus Club of Political Analysts Ilgar Valizade told Trend.

"It’s obvious that the situation is poorly managed and is poorly predictable, and so hardly the election will put an end to the chaos. Internal political confrontations in Armenia will continue,” Valizade stressed. “They will be more apparent, shifting to the sidelines of the parliament. Most likely, the parliamentary majority after the election won’t be formed. As a result, tense debates, sometimes even battles, are expected to take place in the parliament, affecting the internal political situation.”

He noted that there will be no stable internal political situation even after the election, which will affect the efficiency of the Armenian government.

"Unfortunately, we won’t have a partner in the person of Armenia in resolving very important issues of post-Karabakh conflict reality. To implement these decisions, political will and strong power are needed, which Armenia isn't going to have," he said.

According to him, the ongoing cleansing of the executive authorities in Armenia testifies to a big number of people disloyal to acting PM Nikol Pashinyan there.

“These people are waiting for the point when the former leaders of Armenia will come to power and everything will change because most of them used to get their posts namely under the former leaders. These people hope for the return of the old times,” the expert further noted.

“From the outside, it can be seen, as the Armenian observers and experts themselves note, that many officials today began to join the number of former president Robert Kocharyan's supporters, which also indicates that most of the officials stick to anti-government positions," added Valizade.


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