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MP: We have put an end to 300 years of injustice

2 December 2023 12:59 (UTC+04:00)
MP: We have put an end to 300 years of injustice

Milli Majlis MP Jeyhun Mammadov during his speech at the Turan International Conference on the Future of the Turkic World of the Centre for International Relations and Diplomacy noted that Armenia is still preparing for something, Azernerws reports.

"We have put an end to 300 years of injustice. But it's not over yet. Because Armenia is still preparing for something. So we have to be stronger."

MP said that today the whole world has united against Azerbaijan: "European countries cannot hide their hatred towards us because we have broken their games. The way out at the moment is to develop relations between Turkic countries. Integration between Turkic countries should be strengthened. We are working on it."

The MP said that the most active countries in this process are Azerbaijan and Turkiye: "Perhaps the Central Asian countries still do not realise how difficult this process is. But what we have seen over thirty years has awakened us".

The parliamentarian noted that the inability of Azerbaijani khanates to unite in the XIX century created an opportunity for Russian intervention: "We have seen many difficulties, including invasions and genocides".

In Mammadov's opinion, very serious processes are taking place in the world today, the international order is changing.

Jeyhun Mammadov stated that injustice is growing in the world: "Resolutions of international organisations are not implemented. We have been observing this for 30 years. International organisations, the whole world is against us because of the liberation of our lands. If international organisations cannot do their job, what should we do?! Today Azerbaijan quite rightly strengthens relations with Turkish states. Strengthening this solidarity as a political organisation should be a priority".


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