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Emerging of Armenian paradox at US organised 'Summit for Democracy'

31 March 2023 11:59 (UTC+04:00)
Emerging of Armenian paradox at US organised 'Summit for Democracy'
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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The fact that the 2nd online "Summit for Democracy" initiated by US President Joseph Biden is a pointless event was unanimously accepted not only by independent states with robust political courses, but also by local community and media representatives in the country.

In fact, it is known to the whole world that the organization of this event serves ulterior motives and is directed against America's competitors at the global level. The main reason for this kind of attitude is the biased, unfair and ridiculous selection of the states invited to the summit.

Indeed, inviting the countries to the virtual summit which are far from democracy and where fundamental human rights are violated exposes the anti-democratic nature of this event. Moreover, inviting an anti-democratic state like Armenia, which is a potential source of terrorism, to the summit is a tragedy in the sphere of democracy and the world politics.

The most tragicomic nuance is the signing of the final declaration of the "summit for democracy" by Armenia with some stipulations, where at first the official Yerevan rejects the clause in the document regarding the special military operation carried out by Russia in Ukraine, then refuses to sign the declaration under such an excuse.

It is of note that only 73 countries out of the 120 that participated in the online "summit" signed the final declaration. Besides Armenia, India and Mexico were among those who refused to sign the document.

Although the purpose of the United States in holding this summit was formally announced as "guaranteeing democratic values worldwide and especially monitoring the situation related to democracy in various countries", it was undeniable that the main target of the online summit was Russia.

However, the fact that Armenia, which is not even close to the threshold of democracy, appears in this event in a paradoxical way, completely impairs the confidence in the event.

The USA and Europe understand it well that Nikol Pashinyan carried out repression against all his political opponents after coming to power. Some of them were arrested, and others were forcibly silenced. Therefore, the topic of discussion at this event should be rather the internal situation in Armenia.

It is possible to prove not only with words, but also with various facts that there is no question of basic human rights and freedom of speech in Armenia. In such a case, inviting Pashinyan to the "Summit for Democracy" is nothing more than an attempt to forcibly create a democratic image for Armenia.

Pashinyan's double standard and opportunistic approach

By participating in this event, Pashinyan and his entourage assumed that they would play their game successfully in the truest sense of the word. By refusing to sign the final document on the war in Ukraine, he is both appeasing official Washington and showing that he is on Russia's side.

However, the statements made by the members of Pashinyan's administration in order to avoid the punishment of Russia and to get acquitted have almost turned it into a target for Russia's anger.

The statement "we put forward our condition because our statements and demands regarding Azerbaijan were not included" shows the diplomatic illiteracy and stupidity of the leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia.

It turns out that if the Armenians' absurd claim like "Azerbaijan occupied part of our territories and blockaded the road to Lachin" was included in the final declaration, the official Yerevan would have strongly condemned Russia for the military operations in Ukraine.

Such abnormal behavior of the Armenian leadership in diplomatic relations shows its political idiocy. However, the Armenian government, justifying its primitive political thinking and illiteracy, imagines itself as a pioneer in the world of politics. In reality, there is no doubt that a very bitter fate awaits Armenians: Yerevan, which irritated the USA and the European Union by putting forward its conditions during the signing of the declaration, is oblivious that also infuriated its patrons in Kremlin by agreeing to the essence of the document.


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