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Birth of new civil protest move: How Azerbaijani eco-activists foiling separatism in Karabakh

18 March 2023 09:59 (UTC+04:00)
Birth of new civil protest move: How Azerbaijani eco-activists foiling separatism in Karabakh
 Fuad Muxtar-Aqbabali
Fuad Muxtar-Aqbabali
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With three days to go to the 100th day of the civil protest on the Khankandi-Lachin road, the Azerbaijani eco-activists have been applying an internationally preferred soft approach to the prevention of illegalities of the Armenian separatists in Karabakh.

The civil protesters have so far succeeded in what they have been after by thwarting plans of the breakaway region and their international patrons in concert with Armenia to freely use the main Karabakh road for military supplies to the region under the temporary control of the Russian peacekeepers with the aim of retaining the region on a constant powderkeg.

Birth of a civil protest movement

The civil protest, to a certain degree, resembles the activities of Greenpeace, an independent global campaigning network aiming to ensure the earth's ability to nurture life in all its diversity.

Armed with identical ideas, the campaign of the Azerbaijani environmentalists is pursuing a clear-cut strategy to reach their objectives and targets, that is, to end the rampant and unsanctioned exploitation of Karabakh’s natural resources, monitor the mining areas, assess the negative impact of illicit mining activities on the ecological situation and virgin land with unique regional forests.

Azerbaijan has almost done away with the aggressive military separatism in Karabakh and is gradually overcoming other forms of schism though the process is progressing slowly by dint of international support for Armenian separatism overtly and covertly. Since Azerbaijan’s military win in 2020, various pro-Armenian international and European organizations driven by aggressive Christian solidarity have been adding fuel to fire, instigating Yerevan to uncompromising policies thus torpedoing Baku’s all-out efforts to hammer a peace deal.

In Karabakh, the separatists are deeply aware of the fact that their days are numbered and therefore are driven by the desire to pilfer Azerbaijan's mineral resources as much as they can. Since December 12, 2022, the Azerbaijani eco-activists have focused on preventing the transportation of illegal cargo and have been campaigning on issues that enjoy international support.

However, as always the world has remained indifferent to unfolding developments and sided with forces that are against the superiority of laws and want to drag the region into chaos and anarchy as plotted and wished by states like France, Netherlands, and organizations, such as the European Parliament with deep-seated Christian roots in favor of religious co-brothers.

March 18 saw the daybreak with the same demands and determination of the eco-activists on the scene. The environmental vigil is standing firm with the national support behind and is aware of the aims of Armenia and its patrons to keep the holy mess in the region and reduce to nil the sacred win of the Azerbaijani army in the 44-day second Karabakh war.

Nearing the 100th day of the vigil

The vigil on the Karabakh road is not about obstructing the passage of transport means and has never been so within 97 days. Everything is about securing the use of the road for intended purposes that is for communications of Karabakh residents with Armenia and vice versa.

However, observations and aggressive behavior of Armenians before December 12, 2022, showed that the separatists were carrying weapons and manpower to Karabakh under the control of the Russian peacekeeping contingent in an effort to counteract Azerbaijan at the right time, which should never be given to the separatists to drag the region into mayhem.

As already mentioned, the protest action on the Khankandi-Lachin road against the illegal exploitation of mineral deposits in the Karabakh economic region of Azerbaijan has been going on for 97 days. The eco-activists are very active in the first days of the picketing of the road. They invariably demand an end to ecological terror in the Azerbaijani territories. The participants in the action demonstrate firm will and perseverance.

On a daily basis, volunteers and NGO representatives start the day with newly-coined catchy slogans, such as "Azerbaijan is the owner of its mineral resources!", "End environmental crimes!", "Stop eco-terror!", "Protect nature!", "No to ecocide! Yes to monitoring" disappointing enemies of Azerbaijan’s sovereignty with their assiduousness, coercing the separatists either come to terms with the reality on the scene or quit the nation's sovereign territories.


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