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US pundit calls for stiff sanctions on Iran for terror act on Azerbaijani embassy

31 January 2023 17:31 (UTC+04:00)
US pundit calls for stiff sanctions on Iran for terror act on Azerbaijani embassy

The Islamic Republic of Iran has always supported Armenia's terrorist regimes with weapons and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), US expert Peter Tase said in an interview with Azernews.

Tehran is the key sponsor of Armenia's armed attacks inside Azerbaijan's sovereign territory. These brutal actions directly harmed Azerbaijan's national interest and encompassed a high level of irredentism that straightly attacked Azerbaijan's territorial sovereignty and national economy.

The international community including the UN and OSCE has not condemned the malign, warmongering efforts of the Iranian terrorist regime in the South Caucasus and Eurasia, Tase said.

It is a fact that Iran is not anymore a regional player, indeed its theocratic government has become a threat and source of terrorist operations on both sides of the Atlantic. The terrible attack against the embassy of Azerbaijan in Tehran is a major terrorist attack against a sovereign nation, this brutal action must be condemned with the maximum level of resilience, and the EU and the USA must impose economic sanctions against the political elite of Teheran.

For over 30 years, Iran has financed terrorist operations and financial services that directly benefit Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations and their political aspirations, he added.

This attack against Azerbaijan happens only a few hours after the US Department of State announced serious actions and financial sanctions against the current Vice President of Paraguay Hugo Adalberto Velázquez Moreno - for his deep ties and strong alliance with Hezbollah and other criminal organizations in the Middle East, and serious sanctions are imposed by the US Department of the Treasury against Horacio Manuel Cartes Jara (former president of Paraguay, 2013-2018) for his money laundering activities that have directly supported Iran and its terrorist allies in the region.

Actions of this magnitude must continue against the ruthless regime of Teheran. The order of closing the Iranian embassy in Tirana, Albania, in September 2022, is another important action taken towards reducing the malign influence of Iran and assuring that the Ayatollahs do not expand their terrorist operations in the South Caucasus. The recent attack against the embassy of Azerbaijan must be condemned and unbridled actions should be taken until the warmongers of Teheran are down to their knees, the political expert concluded.


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